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Gray Space and the New Urban Regime, Professor Oren Yiftachel, January 2014

Professor Oren Yiftachel (Ben-Gurion University, Israel) visited UCL for his talk titled ‘Gray Space and the New Urban Regime: Between Liberalism and a Creeping Apartheid’, focused on the causes of what he terms ‘gray spaces’ – the unregulated urbanisation of people who are neither integrated into nor eliminated from society, are on the fringes and grey areas of legality and at the will of metropolitan politics. For reading on the concept of 'gray space' and the significance of Oren Yiftachel's work, please follow the link for free access to this paper by Marcela Lopes de Souza entitled 'Marxists, libertarians and the city: a necessary debate' (CITY, June 2012, 16.3). 

A full write-up of the event and full audio is available here.

Beyond austerity urbanism and creative city politics, Professor Margit Mayer, October 2012

Professor Margit Mayer’s talk looked at urban politics and contemporary social movements that contest neoliberal urban development by invoking the right to the city. Her recent publications include Neoliberal Urbanism and Its Contestations: Crossing Theoretical Boundaries (2011, with Jenny Künkel) and Cities for People, Not for Profit: Critical Urban Theory and the Right to the City (2011, with Neil Brenner and Peter Marcuse). The lecture was followed by a seminar in the Bartlett School of Planning. 

Henri Lefebvre and Planetary Urbanisation, Dr Andy Merrifield, October 2011

Dr Andy Merrifield's presented on Henri Lefebvre, the right to the city and Asimov, and how to reclaim the metropolis as a theoretical object and political object of progressive struggle. Dr Andy Merrifield's recent publications have included  Metromarxism: A Marxist Tale of the City (2002), Guy Debord (2005),  Henri Lefebvre : A Critical Introduction (2006) and  Magical Marxism: Subversive Politics and the Imagination (2011).

Seeking spatial justice in Los Angeles: Why spatial? Why justice? Why now? Edward Soja, November 2010 

Introducing his new book, Seeking Spatial Justice, Edward Soja spoke on how explicitly spatial strategies and a new critical spatial consciousness have infiltrated urban social movements and labor-community-university
coalition building in Los Angeles. The lecture looked at the so-called spatial
turn and new discoveries about urban spatial causality and the stimulus of
urban agglomeration as well as on the reinvigorated rallying power of
justice struggles (including workers justice and environmental justice) in
the contemporary world.  

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