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Statute 18
Piloting Rank & Yank
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Defending UCL Podiatry (2003) - students and staff united

UCU constantly campaigns to defend and extend your rights at work. However, beyond these immediate questions, UCU is active on a number of broader issues, most obviously pay.

GM 27 Jan PowerPoint

Urgent: New Home Office Rules on 'Monitoring and Tracking' migrant staff and students
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Statute 18
Piloting Rank & Yank
UCL cuts 2009-10
Congress 2009
email outsourcing
Professorial Pay Review
City Academy
Past campaigns
Enhanced Redundancy Pay 2007
White Paper Cuts 2005

UCL cuts - 2009-10



The calling off of the Academic Redundancy Committee in Life Sciences
Life Science admin, Registry, Museums & Collections – no redundancies
Library – consultation continues, assurances of no redundancies made, staff need to remain vigilant
Modern Languages Review – compulsory redundancies should be avoided
History of Medicine – Voluntary Severance and redeployment should avoid compulsory redundancies
We have united with the students union and other campus unions

...for now!




Has our 2006 pay settlement kept pace with inflation?

Our 2006-08 pay settlement was the first three year pay deal in our history. It was also unusual in containing a staged increase. More...

Professorial Pay Review - 2008

What UCL are proposing

The proposals are twofold:

  • to introduce three pay bands for Professors with different achievement-based criteria at each level, and
  • to introduce a biennial salary review with salary increases based on exceeding expected performance. More...

NO to a UCL City Academy

Dear Colleague,

We do not believe that the Provost and Michael Worton have made an adequate educational case for the involvement of UCL in the proposed academy school in Camden, at Swiss Cottage. More...

Lobbying against cuts - Bill Stephenson presenting petition to Council (2003)
Past campaigns

Enhanced Redundancy Pay (2007)

This page details the dispute between UCL trade unions, including UCU, and UCL over changes to Enhanced Redundancy Pay (ERP). More...

White Paper restructuring (2005/6-)

This campaign lead to an effective 'stalemate'. UCL managed to “disestablish” almost exactly half - 167 posts - by “voluntary” means. College ended the process without pursuing compulsory redundancies. However many of the themes of this restructuring continue to this day, such as the demand on lecturing staff to demonstrate their value to UCL by generating research income. More...

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