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UCU is the trade union and professional association representing university staff across the sector, formed in June 2006 by the amalgamation of AUT and Natfhe.

UCU is UCL’s recognised trade union for lecturing staff, research staff, administrators, computer staff, librarians, and related staff grades. PhD students who carry out teaching duties can join on a special rate.

UCL UCU is a large trade union branch with over 1,600 members. Some of our members have permanent ‘core funded’ positions, while others - mainly research staff - are on what UCL refers to as “open-ended contracts on fixed funding”.

In short, if you are employed at UCL, teach, research or support, but are not currently a member of UCU, we would encourage you to join.

Staff on clerical and manual grades should join UNISON, those on technical and scientific support roles, UNITE. We support our colleagues in the other UCL trade union branches, and encourage all college workers to join their appropriate trade union.

Victory - Statute 18 'reform'

LATEST: Provost agrees to formally retract SMT proposals.

New UCL Provost, Michael Arthur, agreed to withdraw UCL SMT proposals to 'reform' Statute 18 at the Academic Board on 23 October 2013.

This Statute is a constitutional document that protects academic staff from arbitrary redundancy, and thereby provides a level of protection for academic freedom of inquiry, dissent and speech. UCL SMT wished to abolish this statute in favour of allowing managers to dismiss academic staff without the same procedures.

The withdrawal of these proposals in the face of overwhelming opposition from staff at all levels within College, and supported by UCU in a two-year campaign, represents an important victory against those who would see our Universities as mere commercial enterprises rather than academic communities.

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8 August Statute 18 consultation extended
17 July Academic Board overwhelmingly critical of Statute 18 Reform: will they be ignored?

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Other campus unions

The unions work together and support each other where possible. You should join the union that represents your pay grade in negotiations with college management:
UCL UNISON (for clerical and manual grades of staff)
UCL UNITE (for technical and scientific support staff)
Enquiries: ucu@ucl.ac.uk
Web: Sean Wallis
UCL home: UCL
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