UCL Genetics Institute



The UGI was created to provide a focus for research in Genetics at UCL. It has a physical presence and location  in the Darwin Building and is not merely a virtual institute. It aims to be a world leading institution that builds on UCL’s extensive research portfolio to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to the subject. To do so, the UCL Genetics Institute requires clear and transparent governance.

The UGI is embedded within Research Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment in the Faculty of Life Sciences. Although its income and expenditure is part of the GEE’s Resource Allocation Model its own budget is internally administered within UGI.

It is led by a Director, Professor Francois Balloux, who is responsible for implementing the business plan. Professor Nick Wood is Director of Research responsible for research strategy, for staff appraisal and mentoring and for the recruitment of core UGI staff.

The UGI Director reports through the Associate Dean of Biosciences to the Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences for all matters associated with the business plan. The Research Director liaises with the Head of GEE to ensure full compatibility of UGI research strategy and staff development with the objectives of GEE policy and practice.

Members of GEE that affiliate to UGI, and any newly appointed members of academic staff of UGI based in the Darwin building will remain, or become, members of the academic staff of GEE with the rights and responsibilities so associated. Members of GEE wishing to join UGI must meet the acceptance criteria and will be permitted to do so only with the approval of the Head of GEE.

The UGI Director works with the School of Life and Medical Sciences Research Co-ordinator in the Research Support Centre to organise effective networking of the UGI so as to manage the cross-cutting genetics activities in the wider UCL research environment. He is the Chair of the UGI Executive Committee and Advisory Board and, whilst acting through SLMS Research Support Centre, convenes the relevant Advisory Boards . The UGI Executive Committee includes the Research Director and Head of GEE, as well as other individuals as agreed by the Deans.

The UGI Director reports on matters of cross cutting activity and strategic developments through the Research Support Centre to the School of Life and Medical Sciences.