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Gene Ontology Annotation Workshop: 10-11 September 2012

19 June 2012

This workshop aims to provide information about Gene Ontology and other bioinformatic resources, such as Ensembl and UniProt.  It will provide practical demonstrations of a number of freely available high-throughput analysis tools that can be used for the analysis of large datasets, such as those derived from proteomic or microarray methodologies.

Attendees may bring in their own datasets for analysis. Annotations created during this workshop will be added to the GOA database at EBI and will be incorporated, through existing pipelines, into all of the major biological knowledgebases, such as EntrezGene, Ensembl, UniProt and GeneCards. In addition these annotations will be available for use by the majority of high-throughput analysis tools.

This event is free however registration is required.

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