UCL Genetics Institute


Tuesday 15 May, 9:45 - 5:30, EBI enzyme and metabolite resources training workshop

20 March 2012


Tuesday 15th May 2012 To register for this course please go here



Course Description

The Training topic is chemically flavored, launching and creating awareness about EBI enzyme and metabolite resources:

Course Format and Details:

Introduction to EBI and EBI search (1 hour)
* To be able to identify the core EBI resources and find them from the homepage
* To identify where to get help when facing a problem
* To use the appropriate resources to answer sample questions within the context of a biological problem

Introduction to ChEBI and ontology (2 hour)
* To learn how to search for small molecules and understand their chemical ontology
* To learn about structure representation and search algorithms.
* Learn how to combine complex queries using biological roles with the chemical ontology.

Introduction to enzymes and the Enzyme Portal (2 hour)
* Learn how to query for enzymes and proteins with enzyme activity using species, compounds and disease
* Learn how to extract information on protein structures, protein sequence, small molecules, reactions and pathways
* Identify diseases associated with a specific enzyme
* Learn how to navigate and use enzyme resources at the EBI including Reactome, Rhea, IntEnz etc...

Lighting introduction to MetaboLights (0.5 hour)_
* Learn how to search for metabolomics experiments using the new MetaboLights repository
* Search for small molecules within the metabolomics experiments

Introduction to ChEMBL (1 hour)
* To learn how to search for small molecules and understand their chemical ontology and associated bioactivity data.
* Understand how to extract bioactivity data to construct potential structure-activity relationships