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Congratulations to Doug Speed for being named the best FMT-BIR Young Biometrician of the year!

29 July 2013

Doug Speed Reward

Photo L-R: Professor David Spiegelhalter,  Professor Stephen Senn, Doug Speed and Professor Simon Thompson

Doug has been named the best young biometrician in the UK by the Fisher Memorial Trust and Biometric Society. Stephen Senn, the Secretary of the Fisher Memorial Trust, presented the award to Doug Speed on 3rd July 2013 before David Spiegelhalter gave the keynote talk. 

"The unanimous decision of the judges is that the prize should be awarded to Doug Speed (UCL) for "Improved heritability estimation from genome-wide SNPs" in Am J Hum Genet (2012). This elegant paper uses critical thinking and seemingly simple mathematics to propose a simple adjustment for linkage disequilibrium when testing for association between SNPs and diseases.  Together with related software, it has the potential to make a large impact in post-genomic genetics."