Management Team

UGI is under the direction of Professor Steve Humphries, UGI Director, Professor Nick Wood, Research Director and 6 scientific directors (in charge of substantial research teams).  This group, which comprises the EXECUTIVE BOARD, reports directly to the Provost through the Dean of Life Sciences, Professor Mary Collins, and is supported by a GENETICS ADVISORY BOARD (GAB) which has a membership of 15 scientists and clinicians drawn from the greater UCL. The committee have adopted a rolling five-year plan against which it monitors performance. There will be an appraisal to review overall performance, undertaken by persons of international standing appointed by the Provost, after five years of operation.

The management team meets monthly to discuss operational aspects of the Institute and to ensure milestones are achieved in a timely manner. 
Professor Steve Humphries  Chief Executive Officer
Professor Nick Wood  Research Director
Dr Susmita Datta
 UGI Manager
Dr Elvira Mambetisaeva
 UGI Executive Officer

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