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Special Joint IOE London Knowledge Lab/UCL Computer Science Seminar

Publication date:

Dr Paul Denny, Computer Science Dept., University of Auckland, New Zealand

Learning Through Exam Creation: The Effects of Generation, Testing and Self-explanation Using PeerWise

Monday June 16th, 12.30 - 2.00 p.m

Location and directions:
Malet Place 1.03LT
Malet Place Engineering Building.
Please enter via the Roberts Building,
On the corner of Torrington Place and Malet Place, WC1E 7JE.
Map is here http://www.ucl.ac.uk/maps?locationID=16

Most instructors are familiar with how challenging it is to create good multiple-choice questions with plausible alternative answers.  But what happens when students generate their own questions, targeting the material they are learning, and contribute them to a shared repository where they can be answered, rated and discussed by their peers?  It turns out there are many interesting answers to this question.

This talk will present the pedagogical motivations for having students build and moderate their own repository of questions using the PeerWise web-based tool. The repository serves not only as a drill-and-test library that students can use for practice, but also as a creative medium for engaging students in critical reflection and deep learning. A brief overview of PeerWise will be given, illustrated with examples of genuine student contributions and case studies of its use in practice. A summary of current research will be presented, and the talk will conclude with a look to the future.

Paul Denny is an instructor in the department of Computer Science at the University of Auckland.  His interests include developing and evaluating technologies for supporting collaborative learning, particularly involving student-authored resources. He created PeerWise to help students author, share and discuss course-related assessment questions. In 2009 PeerWise won the Australasian Association for Engineering Education Award for innovation in curricula, learning and teaching.

PeerWise is now used at 1000 universities and schools around the world, hosting more than a million questions with associated explanations and discussions, and tens of millions of student answers. Paul is a recipient of the National Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award (2009) and the Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia Teaching Award (2010).  His recent publications have examined the effectiveness of virtual achievements for motivating students in online environments and investigated the effectiveness of various styles of error reporting on the performance of novice programming students.

SEMINAR 9th April: Nick Taylor - Towards Sustainable Community Innovation

Publication date:

Wednesday 9th April 2014 at 3pm in Gordon Sq 16-18, Room 101

Nick Taylor,  University of Dundee

SEMINAR 2nd April: Chris Priest and Elaine Massung: Motivating Crowdsourcing for Community Campaigns

Publication date:

Wednesday 2nd April 2014 at 3pm in Gordon Sq 16-18, Room 101

Chris Preist and Elaine Massung from the University of Bristol

UCL SLMS Grand Challenges studentship

Publication date:

UCL SLMS Grand Challenges studentship: ‘Improving women’s choice and uptake of effective contraceptive methods through development of interactive digital interventions’. See http://www.ucl.ac.uk/slms/aco/bat/gc/ (project 18) for details, and also for instructions on how to apply. Closing date: 2nd April.

SEMINAR 19th March: Andrew Kun - In-vehicle user interfaces: deployment, and driving simulator studies at UNH

Publication date:

Wednesday 19th March 2014 at 3pm in Gordon Sq 16-18, Room 101

Andrew Kun from the University of New Hampshire, USA.

SEMINAR 12th March: Miguel Nacenta - Playing with representation, presentation, and perception: three ways to subvert current visualization techniques

Publication date:

Wednesday 12th March 2014 at 3pm in Gordon Sq 16-18, Room 101

Miguel Nacenta from the University of St. Andrews

Funded PhD Studentship on Smart Meters

Publication date:

Funded Studentship - We are currently recruiting a PhD student to work on 'Investigating Smart Meters in the Home'. Please see the advert for more information and send your completed application form to Louise Gaynor. The closing date is 28th March 2014 and interviews will be on Mon 7th April 2014.

HCI-E MSc Project Wins Prize

Publication date:

Congratulations to UCLIC PhD student Katarzyna Stawarz who has just heard she has won the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors Ulf Aberg Award for her master's project, also completed at UCL under the supervision of Rachel Benedyk, on "An ergonomic evaluation of the potential impact of touch-screen tablets on office workers".

SEMINAR 5th March: Andreas Lieberoth: In search of quantum heroes - design challenges and early findings from the citizen cybescience physics game Quantum Moves

Publication date:

Wednesday 5th March 2014 at 3pm in Gordon Sq 16-18, Room 101

Andreas Lieberoth from Aarhus University, Denmark.

SEMINAR 26th Feb: Clara Manicini - Animal-Computer Interaction: Designing for Multispecies Ecologies

Publication date:

Dr Clara Mancini - Open University

Wednesday 26th February, 3pm

Gordon Sq 16-18 Room 101

Engd/Phd studentship on Media Multitasking

Publication date:

Funded PhD/EngD in Media Multitasking - We are currently recruiting to a funded PhD/EngD post in UCLIC in collaboration with the BBC. Please see the Advert for more information about the post and send your completed application form to Louise Gaynor by Fri 7th March - interviews will be around on Fri 14th March 2014. Please note that this studentship is only available to UK/EU citizens who have been ordinarily resident in the UK for 3 years before the studentship.

SEMINAR 12th Feb - Alistair Sutcliffe: The SAMS project (Software Architecture for Mental health Self management): Designing Effective UIs for Affect Laden Applications

Publication date:

3pm in Gordon Sq 16-18, Room 101

Alistair Sutcliffe is a Research Fellow on the SAMS project and a Visiting Professor at the University of Lancaster.

Software Engineer position

Publication date:

Software Engineer position available - We are currently recruiting a Software Engineer to work on the Pain Rehabilitation project. Please see the advert for more information and also the Job description and Person specification. the closing date for applications is Tues 18th February 2014 and interviews will be around 25th February 2014.

SEMINAR 5th Feb: Connie Golsteijn - Integrating physical and digital craft in hybrid craft practice

Publication date:

Wednesday 5th February 2014 at 3pm in Gordon Sq 16-18, Room 101

Our seminar speaker this week is Connie Golsteijn from the University of Surrey.

Funded Demonstratorship

Publication date:

Funded PhD Demonstratorship - We are currently recruiting to a funded Demonstratorship post in UCLIC. This post involves teaching duties (300 hours per year) but also allows time for MPhil/PhD study as part of a 4-year PhD studentship - there are 4 projects available and applications can be made for any one of them. Please see the Advert for more information about these projects - please also see the Job description and Person specification. Please  send your completed application form to Louise Gaynor by Fri 14th March 2014 - interviews will be around on Fri 28th March 2014.

Funded Studentship

Publication date:

PhD Studentship on Novel Technologies

We are currently recruiting a PhD student to work on 'Novel Technologies for Health and Wellbeing'. Please see the advert for more information and send your completed application form to Louise Gaynor. The closing date is 20th Feb 2014 and interviews will be around on Wed 26th March 2014.

UCLIC researcher in New Scientist: Motion-captured laughs make animations more amusing

Publication date:

Our very own Harry Griffin talks to New Scientist about research he and colleagues are doing as part of the EC Ilhaire Project

See the full article here

SEMINAR 22nd Jan: Emanuela Marchetti - Experiencing Historical Processes: Museum learning practice and digital technologies

Publication date:

Wednesday 22nd January 2014 at 3pm in Gordon Sq 16-18, Room 101

Emanuela Marchetti from the Aalborg University, Denmark. 

Persuasive Games Competition - Calling all student Games Designers!

Publication date:

Is designing games your thing? Do you think games can contribute to the understanding of science? If this sounds like you, we’d love to see you at the Persuasive Games Competition!

The CHI+MED project and UCL Interaction Centre invite teams of students to design a game that will be made freely available on errordiary.org. Prizes will be awarded at the final showcase, including £1000 for first place, £500 for runner up and £500 for the people’s choice. Get started by registering here for our kick-off event, which will be taking place on Feb 1st 2014.The event is only open to students (at any level of higher education, from any institution, and in any area) so student ID will be required. Please check out the details on the competition website to find out more.

JOB - Research Associate/Senior Research Associate in Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction Design - closing date 7th Jan 2014

Publication date:


We are looking for a post doc research associate to join the Intel Collaborative Research Institute, which is a joint venture between UCL/Imperial and Intel, on Connected and Sustainable Cities. The institute is investigating, developing and deploying adaptive technologies that can optimize resource efficiency, and enable new services that support and enhance the quality of life of urban inhabitants and city visitors. There are many fundamental, technical, social and urban challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed to accomplish this. The approach is interdisciplinary, combining methodologies from computer science, the social sciences, interaction design and architects to improve how cities are managed and maintained in order to ensure and enhance citizen well-being.

We are looking for someone who can lead, design and run large user studies in the wild. This involves using a diversity of physical protyping, design and social science techniques. The research will involve working on a number of projects and as part of a collaborative team of computing researchers from UCL, Imperial and Intel.

Job: Research Associate in Human-computer Interaction - deadline 3rd Jan 2014

Publication date:

Applications are invited for a post-doctoral research associate to work as part of a multidisciplinary group within the CHI+MED project. CHI+MED (Computer-Human Interaction for Medical Devices) is an EPSRC-funded project to improve the safety of interactive (programmable) medical devices, such as infusion pumps.  By understanding more about device design and human factors, medical errors can be reduced thus saving lives. For more information visit our opportunities pages

SEMINAR 4th Dec: Amanda Carr: Digital infants: Very young children’s interaction with touch screen technology

Publication date:

Wednesday 4th December 2013 at 3pm in B32, Gordon Square (26)

This talk will address issues in the public debate over very young children’s use of screen media. In particular, it focuses on the physical and cognitive limitations which can restrict children’s meaningful interaction with technology and poses the question of how touch screens might be used to overcome some of these developmental limitations. As well as examining very young children’s understanding of technology, the talk will also address its potential effect on developmental processes.

SEMINAR 20th Nov: Mark Perry - AutoMedia: family life, interaction and media use in the car

Publication date:

Wednesday 20th November 2013 at 3pm in B32, Gordon Square (26)

Mark Perry from Brunel University

SEMINAR 13th Nov: Michael Terry: Google Knows What You Hate About Your Kindle: Using Search Queries to Infer User Needs and Desires in Consumer Products

Publication date:

 Wednesday 13th November 2013 at 3pm in B32, Gordon Square (26)

Our speaker this week is Michael Terry from the University of Waterloo. He is also currently a visiting professor at UCL courtesy of a grant from the Leverhulme Trust.

Google Knows What You Hate About Your Kindle: Using Search Queries to Infer User Needs and Desires in Consumer Products

It has become second nature to "Google" any problem we encounter with the products we use. As designers of technology, we can exploit this behavior to learn what people want and need from their products, by virtue of what they search for.

In this talk, I will present a technique that transforms web search query logs into forms that enable one to identify usability issues in publicly available products, such as the iPhone, Kindle, and Firefox.

Read all about it! UCLIC featured in this month's ACM Interactions magazine

Publication date:

Interactions Cover Picture

This month UCLIC are the subject of the "Day in the Lab" feature in ACM Interactions magazine. View the online version of the article here or download it from ACM here in its full glory!

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