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Magic Shoes: UCLIC Researcher Ana Tajadura-Jimeneze discusses her research with New Scientist

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Ana Tajadura-Jimeneze, UCLIC based ESRC Research Fellow, recently talked to New Scientist and the BBC about her work as part of the 'hearing body' project, including a pair of sandals that make you feel lighter by changing the sound of your walking.

Radio: Yvonne Rogers on Smart Cities

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 Last month, Yvonne Rogers visitinted Madrid and gave a radio interview on the topic of smart cities. Listen to the interview here.

SEMINAR 3rd Dec: Mark Sujan - Studies of Resilience in Healthcare: Clinical Handover and Organisational Learning

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Wednesday, 3rd December 3pm, Bentham B10 Seminar Room 1

Mark Sujan - Warwick Medical School

SEMINAR 12th November - Carolyn Canfield:Experience based co-design for system transformation led by older persons moving in, out of and across Ontario’s healthcare system

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Wednesday 12th November 3pm, Torrington Place 1-19, 115 Galton Lecture Theatre Experience based co-design mobilizes the unique expertise of patients, their families and carers for healthcare improvement. The clients of care systems can best identify needs and direct development for successful solutions to close service gaps and improve outcomes that matter to patients.
Is it really possible to defer to those dependent on care to identify priorities for transformation, prepare specifications for technological aids and then co-produce innovative design, development, testing, implementation, evaluation and spread? If you’re not involving the end user in your technological solution, you are likely missing the problem.

Within the context of Canadian healthcare, with its similarities and contrasts to the NHS, Ontario's Northumberland PATH project is empowering 300 older persons with complex health conditions to reflect, redefine and reconfigure health services using technology to assist. Patient pursuit of wellbeing crosses system silos and targets user-identified drivers for an improved quality of life. I’ll introduce you to this innovative project’s origins, realization and achievement as a leading model of experience-based co-design that is rapidly implementing customer-led health delivery. Yes, there’s an app for that!

SEMINAR 29th Oct: Neil Maiden - Computer Science Research to Support the Residential Care of Older People with Dementia

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Neil Maiden - City University London

Wednesday, 29th October 3pm, Bentham B11 Seminar Room 4

SEMINAR 22nd October: Robert J.K. Jacob - Reality-Based Interaction, Next Generation User Interfaces, and Brain-Computer Interfaces.

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3pm on the 22nd of October in Malet Place Engineering Building, 1.03

Robert J.K. Jacob – Tufts University, currently visiting UCL Interaction Centre

SEMINAR 15th October: Rebecca Fiebrink. Interactive Machine Learning for End-User Systems building in Music Composition and Performance

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Rebecca is from Goldsmith's University

Wednesday 15th October 3pm

Malet Place Engineering Building 1.03

SEMINAR 8th Oct: Katja Hofmann - Microsoft Research

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Wednesday, 8th of October, 3pm

Bentham House B10 Seminar Room 1

SEMINAR 1st October - Duncan Brumby: Improving the everyday interactions with your phone, and maybe medical devices too

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3pm Wednesday the 1st of October

Bentham House B10 Seminar Room 1

Welcome to new PhD students!

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We have a number of new PhD students joining UCLIC this Autumn - these are Joe Newbold, Nikki Newhouse, Melanie Herrmann, Judith Borghouts, Mahria Khatana and Jake Rigby. We hope you will enjoy your years at UCLIC!

Research Associate position on ECLIPSE project

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We are recruiting a post-doctoral research associate to work on the ECLIPSE project, making observations on the use of infusion pumps in hospitals. Please see the advert and further information on the job description and person specification. To apply, please go to:

SEMINAR 9th July - Madhu Reddy: The Challenges of Designing Health Information Technology: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

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Wednesday July 9th 3pm, Malet Place Engineering Building 1.20

Madhu Reddy from Penn State University

ICRI and UCLIC at Tour de France with Vox Box!

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On Monday 7 July, researchers from ICRI and UCLIC will have the VoxBox tangible questionnaire at le Tour de France fan park at Green Park.

"Fieldwork for Healthcare" Book Launch Competition: 5 copies of Volume 1 to give away!

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Fieldwork for Healthcare Book Picture

We’re developing a network of people that are interested in Fieldwork for Healthcare from a human factors, HCI, informatics, ethnographic, user experience, ergonomic, design and usability related perspectives. We have run two CHI workshops, published a book, have another book forthcoming, and there is talk of a journal special issue and another workshop in the pipeline. We want to broaden our network and reach out to more researchers and practitioners who want to hear about and get involved in future activities. To help us achieve this, Morgan & Claypool Publishers have given us five copies of the new book to give away, all you have to do to enter the competition is to join our email list to receive future announcements. Visit the website to find out more.

Congratulations! Recent UCLIC PhD finishers

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Congratulations to UCLIC PhD students Rose Johnson and Bernadino Parades who have both recently passed their PhD viva's with minor corrections!

SEMINAR 13th Nov: Caroline Jay - Attention approximation: From the Web to Multi-Screen Television

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Wednesday 2nd July 2014 at 4pm, Engineering Front 103 & 104 Executive Suite

Caroline Jay from from the University of Manchester

PhD studentship closing date extended

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We are extending the deadline of the funded PhD studentship on how Multimodal feedback can help in Chronic Pain Rehabilitation - please see the advert. To apply, please send the completed application form to Louise Gaynor by 24 June 2014 - interviews will be around the end of June or soon after.

SEMINAR 4th June: Jon Whittle & Gillian Symon - Multi-Sensory Experiences: Exploring Work-Life Balance in a Digital World

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Wednesday 4th June 2014 at 3pm, Chadwick B05 LT

Jon Whittle from Lancaster University and Gillian Symon from Royal Holloway University of London.

SEMINAR 29th May: Marianna Obrist - Multi-Sensory Experiences: How we experience the world and how we design technology

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Wednesday 29th May 2014 at 3pm, Medawar G01 Lankester LT

Marianna Obrist from the University of Sussex

SEMINAR 21st May: Alexandra Lang - Designing technologies for teenage health lifestyles

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Wednesday 21st May 2014 at 3pm, Malet Place Eng 1.03

Alexandra Lang from the University of Nottingham

UCLIC Newsletter 2014

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Current PhD opportunitites at UCLIC

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We are recruiting to a iHealth PhD studentship at the moment. Please see the advert and information on how to apply at PRISM - see further details. The closing date is 6 June 2014.

SEMINAR 14th May: Tony Stockman: Cross-modal collaborative interaction between visually-impaired and sighted users in the workplace 

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Wednesday 14th May 2014 at 3pm, Medawar G01 Lankester LT

Special Joint IOE London Knowledge Lab/UCL Computer Science Seminar

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Dr Paul Denny, Computer Science Dept., University of Auckland, New Zealand

Learning Through Exam Creation: The Effects of Generation, Testing and Self-explanation Using PeerWise

Monday June 16th, 12.30 - 2.00 p.m

Location and directions:
Malet Place 1.03LT
Malet Place Engineering Building.
Please enter via the Roberts Building,
On the corner of Torrington Place and Malet Place, WC1E 7JE.
Map is here http://www.ucl.ac.uk/maps?locationID=16

Most instructors are familiar with how challenging it is to create good multiple-choice questions with plausible alternative answers.  But what happens when students generate their own questions, targeting the material they are learning, and contribute them to a shared repository where they can be answered, rated and discussed by their peers?  It turns out there are many interesting answers to this question.

This talk will present the pedagogical motivations for having students build and moderate their own repository of questions using the PeerWise web-based tool. The repository serves not only as a drill-and-test library that students can use for practice, but also as a creative medium for engaging students in critical reflection and deep learning. A brief overview of PeerWise will be given, illustrated with examples of genuine student contributions and case studies of its use in practice. A summary of current research will be presented, and the talk will conclude with a look to the future.

Paul Denny is an instructor in the department of Computer Science at the University of Auckland.  His interests include developing and evaluating technologies for supporting collaborative learning, particularly involving student-authored resources. He created PeerWise to help students author, share and discuss course-related assessment questions. In 2009 PeerWise won the Australasian Association for Engineering Education Award for innovation in curricula, learning and teaching.

PeerWise is now used at 1000 universities and schools around the world, hosting more than a million questions with associated explanations and discussions, and tens of millions of student answers. Paul is a recipient of the National Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award (2009) and the Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia Teaching Award (2010).  His recent publications have examined the effectiveness of virtual achievements for motivating students in online environments and investigated the effectiveness of various styles of error reporting on the performance of novice programming students.

SEMINAR 9th April: Nick Taylor - Towards Sustainable Community Innovation

Publication date:

Wednesday 9th April 2014 at 3pm in Gordon Sq 16-18, Room 101

Nick Taylor,  University of Dundee

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