SEMINAR 26th Sep: Monica Tentori - Behaviour-Aware Computing

16 September 2013

Thursday 26th September, MPEB Room 6.12a, 12-1pm

Monica Tentori is visiting from CICESE, in Ensenada, Mexico.

Two main trends have made possible the birth of behavior-aware computing ­a new generation of context-aware computing in pervasive healthcare.

First, many healthcare experts now advocate a move towards a patient-centered approach, were patients take greater responsibility and accountability managing their own health in the form of wellness management, preventive care and proactive intervention with clinicians often acting more as expert consultants than the primary caregivers. In parallel, research into pervasive healthcare is maturing, resulting in more novel and powerful devices empowered with "off the shelf" algorithms for inferring more complex contextual information including activities and behavior patterns. In this talk, I will give an overview of early and future behavior-aware applications we have developed in our lab to empower individuals to capture, manage and reflect on their own social, physical and emotional well being, across different populations. First I will describe how sensing campaigns and capture and access tools have supported the manual and automatic capturing of "big data" useful for behavior assessment. Then, I will exemplify how interactive pervasive healthcare environments support and promote behavior change. And finally, I will present evidence showing how ambient displays are adequate tools for sharing individual and collective behavior data to promote self-reflection. I will conclude discussing open questions and research opportunities for behavior-aware computing in healthcare.

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