SEMINAR 11th Sep: Sarah Renouf - Responses of hazardous and harmful drinkers to an interactive online intervention: A think-aloud study

10 September 2013

Date: Weds 11 Sept 2013
Place: MPEB Room 6.12a

Abstract: Most drinkers consume alcohol responsibly but a proportion drink hazardously or harmfully, posing a threat to lifelong health and wellbeing. Online alcohol interventions can target this population as they are less likely to seek help for their drinking. The workplace is a potential setting to introduce online interventions. This study utilised think-aloud interviews to explore the real-time responses of fourteen adult hazardous and harmful drinkers to Down Your Drink (DYD), an online interactive intervention aimed at helping them manage their drinking. Semi-structured interviews were conducted one month later to explore their experiences since viewing DYD and their thoughts about alcohol health promotion in the workplace. Thematic analysis resulted in six themes: discussion of drinking identity, desire to acquire knowledge, reactions to the website, acquisition of knowledge, conditions for change and DYD in the workplace. Many participants did not identify their drinking as problematic and consequently did not perceive DYD as personally relevant; however they desired information to understand problematic drinking and the effects of their personal consumption. With sampling limitations in mind, these findings tentatively suggest implications for the design and delivery of online interventions, such as emphasising the consequences of current drinking habits and individuals’ personal risk.

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