SEMINAR 9th July - Madhu Reddy: The Challenges of Designing Health Information Technology: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

7 July 2014

Wednesday July 9th 3pm, Malet Place Engineering Building 1.20

Madhu Reddy from Penn State University

Health information technology (HIT) is often viewed as the “silver bullet” that will solve many problems in healthcare including lowering costs, reducing medical errors, increasing patient safety, and improving patient care. Technologies such as the electronic medical record and computerized patient order entry system are now considered vital to a hospital’s success. Although these and other types of HIT can certainly help in addressing many problems that plague healthcare, they are often not designed to support an important aspect of the work in hospitals – collaboration. Consequently, users have had to develop workarounds and other approaches to minimize the negative impact that these technologies could have on their collaborative activities.

In this presentation, I will discuss a set of studies where I have applied methods and concepts from the field of Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) to examine the relationship between collaboration, HIT, and workflow in hospitals. I will argue that in order to design HIT that effectively supports collaboration, we need to view these technologies from an interdisciplinary perspective. Using this perspective, we can more effectively address the challenges of designing and implementing HIT as well as take advantage of the opportunities that these technologies can provide.

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