SEMINAR 13th Nov: Caroline Jay - Attention approximation: From the Web to Multi-Screen Television

30 June 2014

Wednesday 2nd July 2014 at 4pm, Engineering Front 103 & 104 Executive Suite

Caroline Jay from from the University of Manchester

The move towards the provision of television content over two or more screens represents an enormous opportunity and a considerable challenge. A scientific understanding of what causes people to switch attention between the main screen and a 'second screen' mobile device during television viewing is key to the development of this technology. This seminar describes how ‘attention approximation’, a technique we have used to model visual attention and design screen reader presentation of Web content, can be used to investigate viewing behaviour, and ultimately drive the provision of content across multiple screens.

Bio: My research covers many aspects of Human-Computer Interaction, but focuses chiefly on modelling behaviour with technology. In particular, I am interested in determining how we can predict perception of and interaction with complex user interfaces without prior knowledge of the user's task. I am currently working with the BBC, examing how to present television content across multiple devices, and with Fastbleep investigating how visual attention to time series medical data is affected by expertise.

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