SEMINAR 2nd October: Chi Thanh Vi - Detecting Error-Related Negativity for Interaction Design

30 September 2013

Wednesday 2nd October 2013 at 3pm in B32, Gordon Square (26)

Detecting Error-Related Negativity for Interaction Design

Error Related Negativity (ERN) is triggered when a user either makes a mistake or the application behaves differently from their expectation. It can also appear while observing another user making a mistake. In this talk, I will discuss the ability to detect ERN using off-the-shelf headsets. I will also investigate ERN in collaborative settings where observing another user (the executer) perform a task is typical and then explores its applicability to HCI. The results show that online single trial ERN detection is possible using off-the-shelf headsets during tasks that are typical of interactive applications including single-user and collaborative environments. However there is a trade-off between the detection speed and the quality/prices of the headsets. Based on the results, I will discuss and present several HCI scenarios for use of ERN in interactive tasks and collaborative settings.

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