SEMINAR 21st May: Alexandra Lang - Designing technologies for teenage health lifestyles

19 May 2014

Wednesday 21st May 2014 at 3pm, Malet Place Eng 1.03

Alexandra Lang from the University of Nottingham

Adolescent users of medical technologies and healthcare services are often overlooked in the design and development of these products, with their requirements neither understood nor rarely sought. The consequences of this can be poor uptake and compliance, misuse and low satisfaction during the formative adolescent years, which can negatively impact on long term health behaviours.

The tensions between adolescent development and health behaviours will be explored in relation to how technology has the ability to facilitate health promotion and healthy living or conversely how poor design can inadvertently lead to negative health behaviours.

This presentation will describe the problem space and present a set of case studies investigating the challenges, barriers and opportunities associated with researching and designing for the health and wellbeing of teenagers. The health technology case studies will include physical hardware devices for treatment and monitoring of health conditions, singular apps for mental health and well being and large scale integrated software platforms. Throughout these case studies the ethical, technological, social and cultural standpoints will be examined against the backdrop of teenage development and user requirements.

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