SEMINAR 26th Feb: Clara Manicini - Animal-Computer Interaction: Designing for Multispecies Ecologies

26 February 2014

Dr Clara Mancini - Open University

Wednesday 26th February, 3pm

Gordon Sq 16-18 Room 101


Animals are directly or indirectly involved in every aspect of human life and, like humans, they interact with computing technology in a variety of contexts. However, unlike human technology, animal technology is seldom developed from a user perspective and often, instead of technology adapting to them, animals are expected to adapt to technology. In this talk I will introduce Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI) as an emerging research area aiming to systematically develop a user-centered approach to the design of technology intended for animals. I will talk about the work of the first ACI Lab and its ethical approach to co-designing with animals. In particular, I will discuss examples of recent and current ACI projects, including: studying the effects of dog-tracking technology on human-animal relations; designing canine-friendly interfaces to support the work of assistance and cancer detection dogs; investigating smart environments for improving animal welfare; or creating playful interactive experiences for elephants and humans. I will conclude by discussing why even those who are not particularly interested in animals should care about ACI.

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