Graduate Destinations

Careers open to graduates of the course include:

  • Usability specialist
  • User‐centred design expert
  • Interaction designer
  • Applied ergonomist
  • User experience expert
  • Information architect
  • HCI expert
  • Human factors specialist

An interesting reading on "What is user experience, why are these professions worth considering, and how should I prepare to enter the field". 

In addition, MSc graduates can move on to a PhD or applied research in similar areas.

The performance is testament to both the effectiveness of the programme and the calibre of students who participate. Graduates are employed by consultancies, government agencies, commercial organisations and commercial research laboratories - students on the MSc course complete a project as part of the course, and many projects are hosted by commercial organisations, a proportion of which subsequently employ the students.

Some of the companies that employ graduates for this programme are:

  • Amberlight, User Experience Consultant, 2011
  • Transport for London, Information Architect, 2011
  • Orange, Usability Specialist, 2010
  • eBay, Web Design, 2011
  • City University, Researcher, 2011

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If you have a specific question about graduate destinations, or about the course in general, please Rachel Benedyk: r.benedyk(at)ucl.ac.uk.

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