Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply?
You can apply at any time to start in next September. Deadline to submit your application to start in September 2015 is 31st July 2015. If the course is already full (usually by about July), we will put you on a reserve list or you can ask be considered for entry the year after.

What are the entry requirements?

A minimum of an upper second-class degree in Computer Science, Psychology or Ergonomics OR a minimum of an upper second-class degree in a Computer Science-, Psychology-, or Ergonomics-related field (e.g. interface design, Business IT, Product Design). Account will be taken of any relevant practical or work experience.

Together with essential academic requirements, the personal statement is your opportunity to illustrate whether your reasons for applying to this programme match what the programme will deliver. Please make sure you have read the instructions for writing the personal statement as we expect you to address specific topics. 

Is my degree equivalent to a UK upper second-class degree?
We can't tell you ourselves but the UCL Admissions site can. Contact them on: +44 (0)20 7679 7742 or admissions(at)ucl.ac.uk.

What is the English requirement?

It is mandatory that all prospective students whose first language is not English must provide proof of Good Level of English proficiency by sending the scores for one of the tests shown on the UCL website.

What is the post‐graduate diploma?
This is exactly the same as the MSc in that you are taught the same modules as the MSc but you do not then do the research project over the summer. The entry requirements and pass standards are the same as the MSc. The resulting qualification is a PGDip.

What are the fees?
We do not deal with fees directly as they vary enormously depending on your particular circumstances. You can ask any queries about fees directly by calling telephone: +44 (0)20 7679 7742, or by e-mailing them on fees(at)ucl.ac.uk

How long is the course?
The MSc is 12 months long. That is, you start in September and finish the following September. You have two terms of taught modules, one term of coursework and exams and spend the summer working on your project. The Postgraduate Diploma is 9 months long; you do exactly the same as the MSc except for the project. You should therefore finish in June rather than September.

Can I start at other times than September?
No. UCL does not have a semester system so you would not be able to start at any other time.

Can I do the course part‐time?
Yes. In fact, we regularly take a dozen or so part‐timers per year. Simply indicate that this is what you would like to do on your application form.

What are the part‐time arrangements?
There are eight taught modules and the project that make up the MSc. As a part‐timer over two years, you would normally do four taught modules each year and the project over the two summers of your study. This breaks down to either one day a week or two days a week attendance during term‐time depending on which modules you do in each year. Of course, you would expect to match this formal teaching time with individual study. Also, two of the modules are in the form of mini‐projects that are two week intensive courses and you would need to be present the whole time during each of those projects. Ideally you would do one mini‐project each year. There are other possible part‐time arrangements so contact Rachel Benedyk, r.benedyk(at)ucl.ac.uk, the Course Director for the HCI-E course, to discuss in more detail.

What do your graduates go on to do?
Often they go into a usability consultancy, or into a design group in industry. Some of them stay on to do research with us. Here is a bit more about Graduate Destinations.


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