Sarah Renouf

Location: Room 8.18
University College London
Malet Place Engineering Building (8th Floor)
Gower Street, London

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7679 7358 (x37358)

Email: s.renouf@ucl.ac.uk


Research Interests

I am in my first year of doing a multidisciplinary PhD between UCLIC and the e-health unit. My main research interests are using the web for developing and evaluating interventions for changing and managing health behaviours. I am currently working with Down Your Drink, a website developed to help people manage risky alcohol consumption, using qualitative methods to explore people’s experiences with the website. I am supervised by Professor Ann Blandford and Dr Elizabeth Murray from the UCL E-health unit.


I graduated with a BSc in Psychology in 2011 and an MSc in Health Psychology in 2012, both from the University of Southampton. During this time I was involved with conducting qualitative evaluations of POWeR, the Positive Online Weight Reduction programme, under the supervision of Professor Lucy Yardley.

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