Dr Paul Marshall

Senior Lecturer in Interaction Design

Location:Room 2.09

University College London

66-72 Gower Street, London, WC1E 6EA

Telephone: +44 (0)20 3109 7066
Email: paul.marshall (at) ucl.ac.uk


Research Interests

Paul Marshall is a senior lecturer in interaction design. His research interests centre on the design and evaluation of technologies that extend and augment individual human capabilities in the wild. This has included work on physical interaction and tangible interfaces; on technologies for face-to-face collaboration; on the design of technologies to fit specific physical contexts; and on extended cognition and perception. A recent focus has been on how communities and individuals use data for better understanding or wellbeing.


2010 - 2011, Research Fellow, University of Warwick
Working on participation in healthcare environment engineering (PHEE) project.

2006 - 2010, Research Fellow, Pervasive Interaction Lab, The Open University
I worked with Yvonne Rogers on a number of ubicomp projects, including design and evaluation of ambient installations, extended perceptual systems, situated displays, and multi-user tabletop displays.

2008 DPhil, University of Sussex
Work on tangible interfaces and learning as part of the Equator Project

2000 BSc (hons.) Psychology, University of Edinburgh

Some pre-prints are available online. See my Google Scholar page.


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Design Experience 2

Part of the MSc in HCI-E, the course covers  [course material]

COMP3012 - Interaction design

Part of the BSc in Computer Science, the course provides an introduction to how interactive systems can be designed to better support users' needs. 

Psychology seminar leader

Part of the BSc in Psychology, small-group discussions focusing on course material, presentation skills and writing.

PhD Students

As first supervisor

Daniel Harrison - Long-term behaviour change with ubiquitous computing: tracking physical activity (started 2012). Funded by EPSRC DTG

Mara Balestrini - Designing novel technology interventions for sustained community engagement (started 2013). Funded by ICRI Cities

Amid Ayobi - An ethnography of personal informatics systems (started 2015). Funded by EPSRC DTG with Overseas Doctoral Award.

Britta Schulte - Dementia hacks. (starting September 2015). Funded by EPSRC DTG.

As second supervisor

Chris Smith - Sensing Human Well-being From Digital Traces (started 2012): Funded by ICRI Cities

Juhee Park - Changing Museum Experiences and Museums Responding to the Digital Age (started 2013). Funded by South Korean Government Scholarship

Martin Traunmueller - Exploring the Role of People Dynamics in Relation to [Fear of] Crime in an Urban Environment (started 2012). Funded by ICRI Cities

Andre Afonso - An experiential approach for the design of urban screens (started 2015). Funded by CNPq.

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