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My teaching materials for the MSc HCI-E are now available to current students via Moodle. For prospective students, information about the course is available here. I teach Understanding Usability and Use on the MSc HCI-E.

MSc projects

The main information on MSc projects is available from Moodle. I am particularly interested in supervising projects that:

  • relate directly to my funded research projects, or
  • improve our understanding of how to design and deploy systems for health and wellbeing.

Projects supervised by me that have been awarded a Distinction include:

  • Robert Nicolaides (2014) Understanding human values inbanking technology
  • James Laurie (2014) Understanding user behaviour and user experience of a mental wellbeing mobile application.
  • Maninis, Georgios (2012) What is required to determine a useful tag collection? A qualitative study of social tagging behaviour on radio broadcasts. 
  • Gant, Frances (2011) Behind closed doors – a distributed cognition study of infusion pump use in round-the-clock haematology treatment
  • Dantonio, Laura (2010) Reciprocity and investment: The role of social media in fostering serendipity
  • O'Connor, Liam (2010) Workarounds in Accident and Emergency & Intensive Therapy Departments: Resilience, Creation and Consequences
  • Rajkomar, Atish (2010) Extending Distributed Cognition Analysis for Complex Work Settings: A Case Study of Infusion Pumps in the Intensive Care Unit – awarded the John Long Prize for an outstanding research dissertation
  • King, Ashton (2009) Goalchase: A motivation-driven design and evaluation framework for interactive systems – awarded the John Long Prize for an outstanding research dissertation
  • Moore, Lisa (2009) At your leisure: Assessing ebook reader functionality and interactivity
  • Kollmann, Johanna (2008) Designing the user experience in an agile context
  • Tam, Phyllis (2008) UrbanBuzz: Evaluation of a niche professional social networking site
  • Webb, Philip (2008) Extending a distributed cognition framework: The evolution and social organisation of line control – awarded the John Long Prize for an outstanding research dissertation
  • Atkinson, Elizabeth (2007) Web analytics and think aloud studies in web evaluation: understanding user experience
  • Ioannidis, Antonios (2007) Do you read me? An investigation into how expert users respond to dialogue boxes
  • Kelley, Kimberley (2007) An exploration of internal cues to reduce omission errors in a procedural task – awarded the John Long Prize for an outstanding research dissertation
  • Perera, Mickela (2006) Human error in context
  • Smith, Penelope (2006) Trust, flow and pleasure: an ethnographic study of London Underground control rooms

Journal and conference publications that are based on MSc dissertations include:

  • Dantonio, L., Makri, S., & Blandford, A. (2012). Coming across academic social media content serendipitously. Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 49(1), 1-10. [link]
  • Rajkomar, A. & Blandford, A. (2012) Understanding Infusion Administration in the ICU through Distributed Cognition. Journal of Biomedical Informatics.45.3. 580-590. [link]
  • Hiltz, K., Back, J., Blandford, A. (2010). The roles of conceptual device models and user goals in avoiding device initialization errors. Interacting with Computers. 22.5. 363-374. [DOI link]
  • Kollmann, J., Sharp, H., Blandford, A.(2009) The importance of Identity and Vision to user experience designers on agile projects. Agile 2009, 11-18. [DOI link]
  • Smith, P., Blandford, A., Back, J.(2008). Questioning, exploring, narrating and playing in the control room to maintain system safety.Cognition, Technology and Work . ISSN: 1435-5558 [DOI link]
  • Fleet, L., Blandford, A.(2005). Requirements of Time Management Tools for Outpatient Physiotherapy Practice. Health Informatics Journal 11, 179-199.[Eprint]
  • Furniss,D., Blandford,A.(2006). Understanding Emergency Medical Dispatch in terms of Distributed Cognition: a case study.Ergonomics 49(12 & 13), 1174-1203. ISSN: 0014-0139 [Eprint] [DOI link]
  • Makri,S., Blandford,A., Gow,J., Rimmer,J., Warwick,C.Buchanan,G.(2007). A library or just another information resource? A case study of users' mental models of traditional and digital libraries.Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 58(3), 433-445. ISSN: 1532-2882 [Eprint] [DOI link]

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