CHI+MED team photo

Current Research Associates

Dr Dominic Furniss - working on the ECLIPSE project, studying the situated use of medical devices, how errors occur and how they are avoided.

Dr Imogen Lyons - working on the ECLIPSE project.


Current PhD/EngD Students

Aisling O'Kane - user experience of interactive diabetes technologies

Kathy Stawarz - apps to support medication adherence

Hadiza Ismaila - technology for behaviour change for non-communicable diseases
Nicola Newhouse - technology support for perinatal mental health Irina Orovskaya - patient controlled electronic health records

Olga Perski - technology for behaviour change


Former Research Associates

Dr Anne Adams

Dr Simon Attfield

Dr Jonathan Back

Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns

Dr George Buchanan

Dr Richard Butterworth

Dr Iain Connell

Alexandra Eveleigh

Dr Sarah Faisal

Dr Jeremy Gow

Ms Suzette Keith

Dr Stephann Makri

Dr Sheila Pontis

Dr Hanna Stelmaszewska

Dr Chris Vincent


Former PhD Students (Graduated)

Maartje Ament - studying the role of task structure in provoking or mitigating cognitive slips

George Buchanan- spatial hypertext and digital libraries

Abdigani Diriye - investigating how digital library interfaces can better support exploratory search

Sarah Faisal - interacting with information visualisation of academic literature

Dominic Furniss - usability evaluation in design practice

Kostas Giannakis - graphical techniques for describing sounds

Stephen Hassard - design fixation and design decision making

Becky Hill - domain modelling for major incident planning

Huayi Huang (QMUL) - analysing incidents with medical systems.

Jo Hyde - usability of multimodal systems

Amirrudin Kamsin - time management behaviours and needs

Simon Li - cognitive modelling of prospective memory errors

Stephann Makri - lawyers' information behaviours

George Papatzanis - evaluation of multimodal in-car systems

Atish Rajkomar - use of home haemodialysis devices (a Distributed Cognition perspective)

Cecile Rigny - executable user models

Serengul Smith - machine learning for user modelling in hypertext navigation

Hanna Stelmaszewska - photo sharing with camera phones

Suziah Sulaiman - usability of haptic interfaces

David Thompson (EngD, NATS) - behavioural markers for air traffic controll

Haiyan Xiong - machine assisted proof

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