CHI+MED team photo

Current Research Associates

Dr Sarah Faisal - working on visual analytics and sensemaking

Dr Dominic Furniss - working on the CHI+MED project, studying the situated use of medical devices, how errors occur and how they are avoided

Dr Sheila Pontis - working on the UKVAC project, studying sensemaking with large datasets

Dr Chris Vincent - working on the CHI+MED project, studying the practices of developers, procurers and policy-makers, with a view to providing tools that will help themĀ 


Current PhD/EngD Students

Paul Noble - tools for developers to understand human error

Aisling O'Kane - trust in medical devices

Kathy Stawarz - medication adherence

Huayi Huang (QMUL) - analysing incidents with medical systems.

Mahria Khatana - technology support for making decisions about contraception

Nicola Newhouse - technology support for perinatal mental health


Former Research Associates

Dr Anne Adams

Dr Simon Attfield

Dr Jonathan Back

Dr Nick Bryan-Kinns

Dr George Buchanan

Dr Richard Butterworth

Dr Iain Connell

Alexandra Eveleigh

Dr Jeremy Gow

Ms Suzette Keith

Dr Stephann Makri

Dr Hanna Stelmaszewska


Former PhD Students (Graduated)

Maartje Ament - studying the role of task structure in provoking or mitigating cognitive slips

George Buchanan- spatial hypertext and digital libraries

Abdigani Diriye - investigating how digital library interfaces can better support exploratory search

Sarah Faisal - interacting with information visualisation of academic literature

Dominic Furniss - usability evaluation in design practice

Kostas Giannakis - graphical techniques for describing sounds

Stephen Hassard - design fixation and design decision making

Becky Hill - domain modelling for major incident planning

Jo Hyde - usability of multimodal systems

Amirrudin Kamsin - time management behaviours and needs

Simon Li - cognitive modelling of prospective memory errors

Stephann Makri - lawyers' information behaviours

George Papatzanis - evaluation of multimodal in-car systems

Atish Rajkomar - use of home haemodialysis devices (a Distributed Cognition perspective)

Cecile Rigny - executable user models

Serengul Smith - machine learning for user modelling in hypertext navigation

Hanna Stelmaszewska - photo sharing with camera phones

Suziah Sulaiman - usability of haptic interfaces

David Thompson (EngD, NATS) - behavioural markers for air traffic controll

Haiyan Xiong - machine assisted proof

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