Seminars to Students

Seminar to students

As part of our postgraduate study programmes we run a series of seminars from outside speakers (usually HCI/Ergonomics practitioners). The seminars run through the Autumn and Spring terms. In addition to providing an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of HCI and ergonomics practice, they also provide an opportunity for companies to meet and raise their profile amongst future graduates of our courses.

If you are interested in contributing to our student seminar series please contact our seminar coordinator Rachel Benedyk.

List of Seminars to Students
A list of our previous years' seminars can be downloaded here and here.

This year, the students also had briefings from a panel of industry experts on the Organisational Informatics module during Spring term - the panel returned at the the end of term to give feedback to the students on their project proposal presentations. The panel consisted of:

Ben Aung, Programme Manager, IA & Cyber Security Engagement, The National Archives

Simon King, Operations Director, Imagination

Mark Wilson, Strategy Manager, Office of the CTO, Fujitsu UK and Ireland

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