UCLIC@10: Past, present and future

UCLIC was 10 years old in 2011 and so to celebrate, we had a day of talks and an evening networking party on Friday 4th November 2011! The event went really well, so a BIG thank you to all those who made it a huge success, i.e. the speakers, the organisers, UCL staff and of course all the attendees! Check out:

You can find out about the history of the Centre - Prof. Ann Blandford has written a history of UCLIC over the last 10 years, while Rachel Benedyk had previously provided a history of the Ergonomics Unit, from which UCLIC developed. Rachel also provided great entertainment on the night with her potted history of UCLIC!

Another format for poem

Please check out our memories (through wine-tinted glasses) of the event below:


You can also engage with UCLIC through the Twitter errordiary! We have been been developing Errordiary which aims to help raise the level of debate about human error at a national and international level, i.e. it is a deviation of normal performance and not a strange thing that only incompetent people do. Obviously good design can help reduce these deviations ;). Please share your amusing and not so amusing errors by using the #errordiary hashtag.

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