UCL East




Themes and vision

The core themes

The faculties involved in Phase 1 have worked together to identify four themes, which bring together and integrate the various academic activities:

  • Making: We’re focusing on “learning by doing”: hands-on teaching and research around making, imaging and manufacturing. We’ll have flexible project spaces, workshops and specialised teaching laboratories.
  • Originating: We’ll be a hub for innovation activities, focusing on the intersection between humans, their social interactions and technology – ranging from robotics and cultural technology to future manufacturing and global cities. We’re creating new courses for students in these areas and establishing new incubation facilities for start-ups.
  • Connecting: We’re reinventing the way UCL connects with the public, creating shared academic and public spaces which are inviting and approachable. We’re providing access to learning and to research findings through indoor and outdoor spaces for festivals, performances, collections and exhibitions.
  • Living: We’re integrating the Olympic Park into the learning experience as a ‘living laboratory’, engaging people with their natural environment, and creating the space to debate the past, present and future of London. We’ll have residences for students, promoting a new approach to holistic university life.

The shared vision

The shared vision for the campus is that:

  • It will be an original place, distinctive in the connections it will make possible between: Experiments, Arts, Society, Technology (EAST). It will be open and dynamic, overcoming the conventional barriers between research, education, enterprise and public engagement, and be innovative in the approaches integrating them.
  • It will transform the integration of theory & practice and research & education, to innovation, to life-learning, to cross-disciplinarity, and to our relationship with East London and London as a whole.
  • It will be accessible to all, working in partnership with its neighbours, linking with its surroundings and the environment, the waterside, canals and the Queen Elizabeth Park, it will be an inspirational and memorable place that is distinct and confident. UCL East will be engaged with local communities to make a difference: nurturing curiosity, enabling creativity and challenging inequality.
  • It will be consist of permeable and internally connected buildings, with activities spanning vertical spaces on multiple floors, will take its users and visitors through a series of unique experiences celebrating the wonders and connections between arts, humanities, heritage, culture, engineering, technology, social sciences, business, urban living and the natural environment, revealing the relationships between humans and what they can create. Sharing of spaces and facilities will be the norm.
  • It will feature indoor and outdoor spaces for festivals, performance, collections and exhibition will provide the connection between Art and Science, Heritage and Engineering, enabling exploration of the relationships between objects, the knowledge they preserve, and the user experience that they provide through their design and engineering.
  • It will embody the spirit of the 21st century University, at the centre of London’s new quarter for experiments and engineering, the arts and culture, society and technology.