Addressing global challenges through our disciplinary excellence and distinctive cross-disciplinary approach

Our objectives are to:

Laboratory work
  • encourage and enable disruptive, creative thinking by our staff and our students that is catalytic and transformative and nurtures the development of radical new ideas and programmes for transformational impact on global problems
  • maintain the comprehensive and strong disciplinary base and expertise necessary for the formation of cross-disciplinary communities engaged in problem-focused research and education, and adapt the focus of our activities in response to societal needs
  • ensure that our academic environment, infrastructure and administrative processes are designed to encourage and promote cross-disciplinary activity, and the creation of new disciplines
  • review the current Grand Challenges and adapt them to emerging opportunities and our expanded capacity, and enhance the support required for each Grand Challenge to succeed and deliver significant and measurable outcomes
  • ensure that our Grand Challenge approach continues to inform our teaching and learning such that our students appreciate the wider relevance of their studies and research
  • ensure that our problem-focused research and education are rooted in our ethical principles and commitment to generate and share knowledge for the benefit of humanity
  • ensure that our research outputs are disseminated to an appropriately wide audience and that possibilities for co-creation of outputs are pursued where those will enhance impact.