To achieve the main objectives of this principal theme we have set out a high-level implementation plan that includes the following:

  • Maintain our leading edge in developing cross-disciplinary solutions to aspects of global problems through a review of our UCL Grand Challenges, with the possibility of expansion to new subject areas and new strategic partnerships
  • Revise the UCL Research Strategy to reflect the UCL2034 mission and present-day operating environment
  • Engage with the development of the new Research UK Global Challenges fund, and other innovative mechanisms for supporting cross-disciplinary research following the Nurse Review
  • Ensure that disruptive, creating thinking and cross-disciplinary work features within our framework for staff promotion and rewards
  • Make disruptive thinking a major theme within UCL’s philanthropic campaign
  • Select and effectively plan for the launch of academic activities at the new UCL East site
  • Launch new research domains (including Environment and e-Research) and enhance the delivery of existing domains
  • Develop Cultures of Integrity initiative including new policy on Research Funding Ethics
  • Continue to lead on providing open access to research outputs so they reach new audiences.