Academic leadership grounded in intellectual excellence

UCL quad (Principle themes)

Enduring intellectual excellence – derived from talented individuals’ curiosity about, and commitment to, their chosen subject areas – is the prerequisite of academic leadership. This, more than anything, underpins the contributions that a university makes to society.

At UCL, such leadership is manifested by our academics in many ways, including, but not limited to: contributions to the intellectual life of their discipline(s); developing novel lines of enquiry; taking responsibility for educational programmes; professing the knowledge of a field to the wider community; supporting and nurturing those learning or establishing themselves within the academic community; and being open to engagement with cross-disciplinary collaboration.

We will seek, attract, develop and retain people with the imagination and insight to address questions whose significance are not yet readily apparent, or to provide new answers to puzzles that have frustrated all others. The ability to cultivate and support these talented individuals is a critical test of a global university.

We will expect all our departments and faculties to rise to the challenge of valuing their educational activities alongside their research, innovation and enterprise, and to support and develop all staff, such that they will inspire our students, give them a distinctive UCL experience and nurture their academic and personal development.

Academic work on Easter Island