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What happened last time?


‘Learnt to work with people from different academic backgrounds. Also realised that I do have the skills/ability to start a start-up, or create a product that could sell’

‘Fast paced, inspiring, tiring, innovative’

‘As a student in business many of these concepts were not new to me but the great aspect of this weekend was the choice to work with students from a range of other schools. One member of the team went home on the Saturday and made a prototype- nobody from business school would create a prototype without first a meeting booked with an angel investor, so definitely a great experience!’

‘This was quite chaotic fun really. It takes a lot out of you, being in a team with complete strangers, to design a product for something you’ve only just heard about and then pitch it as a business. All within two days. Brilliant.’

‘Teamwork, experience, experimenting and inter-disciplinary collaboration is so important for the future as it gives a bigger picture to students instead of keeping them in their own limited spaces. It was a very short and stressful experience but helped me to build up confidence and show how you can actually do so much in a short period of time.’

‘U Create has been a great experience overall- the right combination of learning from business professionals and creative hands on creative ideas, generating process and execution. It’s been a very worthwhile 2 days spent- learnt new skills, made new friends and gained satisfaction of developing a commercially viable product from scratch. Highly recommended’

Why people signed up:

‘I am an individual who is inspired by entrepreneurial activity and this motivates me to participate in ventures that I think will develop my skills and amplify my abilities. I think that taking part in U-create will test my creative and managerial skills in a medium that simulates real life business operation that most university coursework lacks. Ultimately, I wish to come out of this programme with a prototype or blueprint for a conventional consumer product, and if not then I would have gained a better understanding of business operations.’

‘I hope to take part in the Design Make Sell programme to fulfil a dream of creating my own product. I have always enjoyed working in business development and have often dreamed about one day making and selling my own brand of product. I hope that this programme will help me to do just that or at least practice so that the whole process seems closer to real life than just a dream.’

‘I have always been intrigued about producing a product and bringing it to market; I would want to confirm that I have what it takes.’

‘Skill is not the only requirement for achieving success, I believe that passion enables an individual to learn, which then leads them to success. I know that by attending "Design Make Sell", I will meet more people that will inspire me, gaining knowledge from other design professionals/students will increase my passion for design and will bring the best out of me. I want to counter the challenges from the "Design Make Sell" event, as those will give me a taste of the challenges professional designers face in the "real world".’

‘I've been working in Technology for more than ten years but I decided to go back to school and study for an MBA in London. Entrepreneurship is a big draw for me. It's hard to balance the need for being creative and trying to succeed on my own two legs with the need for a stable job and recognition that a famous employer brings.

‘I decided to join the Design Make Sell programme hoping that this experience might make me feel more secure about my chances of becoming a real entrepreneur.’

‘Having previously worked at a toy design company, I've gained a new perspective on the complexities of product design, as well as an appreciation for the teamwork it takes to create a successful product. Hence, the concept of making and selling a brand-new idea on a tight deadline appeals to me in both its simplicity and its creative potential. I look forward to working with my team to come up with something both elegant and functional.’

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