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Key Dates/What to expect

Please note the challenge will take place in a variety of locations around central London.

Friday 5th June 2015


A practical session to engage with other participants and establish a methodology for UCreate. 6-9pm. Refreshments provided.

Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th June 2015


Two day bootcamp to take you from ideas to concept. From 10.30 am on Saturday morning to around 6pm on Sunday evening.

From Monday 8th June to Friday 26th June 2015

the UCreate challenge is fairly independent. You can decide in your teams how to manage your time here. There will be things to be getting on with outside of the weekend sessions dependent on your idea and production process.  This part of the challenge is fairly independent. You can decide in your teams how to manage your time here, it might be all of you for two full evenings, or everybody chipping in with two members taking the lead on this stage.

However there will be structured support on the following weekends:

Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th June 2015


Support for the making process and experiment with your ideas in public. Will someone buy?

Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st June 2015


Support for the manufacturing process.

Saturday 27TH, Sunday 28th June 2015


On a market in central London.

Monday 28th June 2015


Let’s review what’s happened and what we’ve learned, what we’ll do again and what we’ll avoid.

Design Make Sell is a unique programme that provides any student looking for a practical ‘real life’ experience to gain new skills and develop their competencies around entrepreneurship, innovation and creative practice.

Students should complete the programme with the following set of skills and experience:

  • Pitching
  • Negotiation
  • Business ideas generation
  • Marketing
  • Experience of producing quality items on a deadline
  • Team working and collaboration
  • Market research
  • Sourcing and negotiation with manufacturers
  • Business finance management
  • Customer relations

Please note this challenge is free. You will expected to pay for your own travel to events. UCL Advances will cover the costs of the manufacturing of products.

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