U-Create BannerDesign, Make, Sell

This is your opportunity to design, make and sell
u-create is a fantastic opportunity that will challenge you to combine creativity with enterprise

We’re bringing arts and academic students together from across London to work together in teams to design and produce their own range of projects. The design make sell challenge will push you to learn new skills through a range of new and exciting experiences, and gives you an opportunity to put your ideas to the ultimate test- how much would a stranger be willing to pay for your teams’ product?

Participants will be placed in teams and given a design brief. Over two days teams will brainstorm, research and pitch their concepts. All teams will have an opportunity to pitch with a prototype of their product two weeks later, but only some teams will be selected to take their designs to the next level- manufacture and launch to market.

The team that makes the most profit over the selling weekend will take take away all the cash made by the participating teams and a guaranteed £200.00 worth of Amazon Vouchers Each. This year the winning team will have the opportunity to participate in Ghent, Belgium at the Megabrainstom to compete against teams from five other European countries!

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