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Course Equivalencies 

The course equivalence lists provided are for guidance only. Unless you have received direct approval from your departmental advisor at Tufts, you will need to submit an equivalence or distribution requirement request through iSIS.

Webcenter Approvals 2011-2013

The following courses were approved for Tufts equivalents through Webcenter during the academic years 2011-12 and 2012-13. Note that inclusion in this list does not mean automatic approval - courses should be approved through iSIS case-by-case unless informed otherwise by your Tufts departmental advisor. 

Tufts Forms

To take a course pass/fail or to withdraw from a course on your Tufts transcript, you need to complete a Tufts add/drop or withdraw form. 

Biology Courses with Lab Component

UCL Exam Venues

Exam Venues PDF. If the exam venue is unfamiliar to you, please do a trial journey before the exam date. Tufts will reimburse your transport for the trial run and exam itself.

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