TREC (Tissue Repair & Engineering Centre) is internationally active in research into cytomechanical control of tissue organisation and matrix material growth. It currently has collaborative funding of approximately £2 million including two EU consortia and strong European and US collaborative links.

Robert Brown

Professor Robert Brown is Director of TREC (Tissue Repair & Engineering Centre). He is also co-ordinator of the London Tissue Engineering Consortium (Tissue Bioreactor Science) and the British Tissue Engineering Network (BRITE Net).

Robert Brown was appointed Head of the Tissue Engineering Centre in 2002 as part of a strategic reorganisation between the Tissue Repair Unit, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and the Institute of Orthopaedics. This encompasses research into mechanisms of soft tissue repair and tissue engineering. He has focused on the platform science and underpinning engineering problems for regeneration of human tissues. This includes research into novel micro-structured (cell support) biological materials and the mechanisms by which mechanical cues act through such materials to regulate 3D tissue growth. Most recently this has included studies on novel minimally invasive optical techniques for monitoring structure in newly engineered tissues.

Tel. 020 8909 5845
Fax. 020 8954 8560
Vivek Mudera
Dr Vivek Mudera, Deputy Director and Lecturer
Research Interests: Tendon healing and guided repair using bioartifical matrices, tissue engineering of tendons, effect of mechanical forces on cells within constructs. Research collaborations: Eastman Dental Institute, RAFT (Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust, Mt. Vernon Hospital), National Medical Laser Centre (UCL), Department of Surgery (UCL).

Tel. 020 8909 5634
Fax. 020 8954 8560

Ms Rebecca Porter, Laboratory Manager
Dr James Phillips, Senior Research Fellow,
Dr Oksana Kostyuk, Senior Research Fellow,
Dr Michael Wiseman, Research Fellow,
Mr Dimitris Karamichos, PhD Student,
Ms Mary Morgan, Clinical Research Fellow,
Ms Kate Beckett, Clinical Research Fellow,

Ms Umber Cheema, PhD Student,

Mr Nilesh Sojitra, Clinical Research Fellow,

Mr Massimo Marenzana, Research Assistant,

Mrs Sally Brown, BRITE Net Administrator

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