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Our Division recognizes that successful academic careers increasingly start with an entry-level fellowship. We have an excellent track record in recruiting promising scientists at this level and providing them with the scientific environment and mentorship that they need to become successful independent investigators. We remain committed to this process.

If you are eligible for fellowship schemes, for example, from the Wellcome Trust or the Medical Research Council, and would like to apply for a fellowship to work as an independent investigator in Infection and Immunity at UCL, send a research proposal and a CV to g.towers (at)

Postdoctoral Positions

Any postdoctoral positions will be advertised on this site, the infection and immunity site and the main UCL vacancies site.

Current Vacancies:

Research Associate (2 posts)

Applications are invited for two Post Doctoral Research Associate positions. The posts are funded by a Wellcome Trust Senior Fellowship entitled “Characterisation of innate immune DNA sensing and viral evasion strategies”. The post-holders will be expected to perform the highest quality research under the direction of Prof Greg Towers and to work effectively with other group members and external collaborators. Click for more information or to view the advert at . Click to apply. Closing date 3rd April.

Our work takes a multidisciplinary approach to addressing research questions using viruses to understand the defensive cell biology associated with sensing virus infection.

Current questions include:

1. What is the nature of the innate immune response that is unleashed when HIV is revealed to innate sensors?

2. How does cytoplasmic DNA sensing by cGAS work and how does HIV evade or antagonize sensing?

3. How does HIV-1 capsid regulate viral DNA synthesis and orchestrate evasion of innate immune sensors?

4. Why do viruses recruit cyclophilins and how do cyclophilin inhibitors suppress viral infection?

PhD Studentships

If you are interested in studying for a PhD in our lab, take a look at the Division of Infection and Immunity's new four year PhD programme and the UCL scholarship scheme

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