UCL Teaching and Learning Network (TLN)

2009 - 2010 Meetings

Using audio and video in teaching


Pedagogical and practical implications of using multimedia in teaching: 

Carl Marshall (Oxford University and the Steeple project) talked about teaching & learning applications of audio and video. Dr Jean McEwan (Cardiovascular Medicine)  discussed attempts to encourage teachers to consider the use of new media and e-learning in their teaching of Generation Y medical students. Sibylle Nalezinski, from the LWW CETL talked about the use of multimedia in language teaching. Jason Norton (LTSS) described and demonstrated the new lecture capture system "Lecturecast" that will be installed into the majority of our large lecture theatres over the next year. Patrick Robinson (Multimedia) talked about local media services for teaching and learning. Adrian Birch (Applications Development) demonstrated OLM, a new web application for uploading media files into Moodle