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2006 - 2007 Meetings

The Google Generation: Give in or Gear up?

Professionals in UCL Library Services and elsewhere believe that there are real skills in finding and handling information. Correct? What are they? Do your students already possess them, or do they need training? How does the need for skills training show up in your students' work?

Jane Falconer, a lead skills trainer for UCL Library Services, recently crafted a detailed specification of the levels of competence involved in the several components of student information literacy. Your input now can help ensure that training and help comes at the right level and at the right time to improve UCL students' information skills.

This is the background discussion document for this event. The purpose of this document is to lay out UCL Library Services’ position on training UCL students in information skills. It describes:

  1. The nature of information skills within a UCL context;
  2. The levels within each skill set, from beginner (level 0) through to advanced (level 4); and
  3. How UCL Library Services delivers skills training.