UCL Teaching and Learning Network (TLN)

2006 - 2007 Meetings

Plagiarism - Mortal Sin or Life Skill?

What do we do about plagiarism now that it is so easy to find and use material from the internet? Is plagiarism such a bad thing? We'll discuss this and some possible solutions including a 'hearts and minds' DVD that takes a carrot-like approach to the issue.

Alison Ahearn and Debbi Boden (Imperial College) introduced a professionally produced DVD that aims to teach students about plagiarism and persuade them of its wrongness, and OLIVIA, an Information Skills Training package.

[Dr. Bob Muid (Pharmacology and UCL Turnitin administrator) was going to introduce Turnitin - software available to all UCL staff that detects cases of plagiarism in electronically submitted text, but due to family circumstances was unable to. He has offered to run another session on Turnitin on his return.]