UCL Teaching and Learning Network (TLN)

2006 - 2007 Meetings

Digital Mapping Tools - what do they offer your teaching?

There is an impressive range of digital maps and datasets available for research and teaching. In this session we'll look at these and discuss how they can be used to support teaching. Even if you think your discipline can't make use of them, this session might change your mind.

  • Nick Mann (Geography) will introduce DigiMap.
  • Muki Haklay (Geomatic Engineering) will talk about MasterMap, OpenStreetMap, ICEDS and Cities Revealed data sets, as well as Google Earth.
  • Varina Delrieu (Bartlett) will look at GIS web portals and give a brief introduction to accessing, downloading and using free GIS datasets from the internet. 

We'll also, if we have time, look at the possibilities that 'geo-tagging' of photographs in Flickr offers.