UCL Teaching and Learning Network (TLN)

2005 - 2006 Meetings

The Research-Teaching Nexus

The Research-Teaching Nexus refers to the range of ways that research activities can be linked with teaching. It can refer to the process of enriching teaching by including aspects of your current research into classroom teaching. It can also refer to using research activities as the vehicle for student learning, e.g. in inquiry-based learning, or it can refer to the process of researching into teaching and learning itself.

UCL, rightly, prides itself on the quality of its research and regards itself as one of the world's great research-led universities. It also prides itself on the quality of its teaching provision. But to what extent does these pre-eminences interact? Should they? If so, how?

In this session, facilitated by Professor Stephen Rowland, we will look at various ideas and models of the Research-Teaching Nexus and address these questions, and others such as:

  • Do good researchers necessarily make good teachers?
  • Is there an intrinsic relationship between teaching and research?
  • How can an institution like UCL create a meaningful relationship between research and teaching?
  • What does classroom practice that effectively uses the research activities of the tutor look like?
  • Teaching-research - Chapter 2 from Stephen Rowland's book "The Enquiring University Teacher".