UCL Teaching and Learning Network (TLN)

2005 - 2006 Meetings

New Teaching Environments

A follow up to the workshop held during the UCL Teaching and Learning conference on the 30th March.

Changes in our ideas about how people learn, in technology, in society, in student expectations, are all combining to make us reconsider what constitutes an effective environment for learning. Do we still need lecture theatres and computer rooms? If not, what do we need? In this meeting we'll look at the drivers for change and discuss possible futures. 

Attendees received a copy of the JISC booklet 'Designing Spaces for Effective Learning' that has a number of inspiring case studies of learning institutions that have redesigned learning spaces. http://www.jisc.ac.uk/index.cfm?name=eli_learningspaces

Below is a link to the mindmap we used to illustrate some of the influences and drivers for change with respect to learning spaces...it's only a start, there will be many others...