UCL Teaching and Learning Network (TLN)

2005 - 2006 Meetings

Showcase and Social

The last of this academic year's face-to-face sessions. A 'showcase' event with two interesting examples of innovative teaching approaches from across UCL.

Online Peer Observation for Improving Teaching
Deborah Swinglehurst, Primary Care and Population Science

Deborah has been involved in a project looking at peer observation of online teaching using an action research approach. She presented and discussed her work, with a focus on the ideas and models emerging from the project. She recently ran a very well received workshop on the project at the recent University of London Centre for Distance Education conference.

Deborah is a part time GP in Ipswich and a part time tutor on a web-based Masters programme in International Primary Health Care at UCL. She graduated from the Masters programme herself 3 years ago. She holds a teaching and research award from the Centre for Distance Education.

Dutch Translation Project
Katheryn Ronnau-Bradbeer, Dutch

For a number of years the Dutch Department has run a collaborative translation project involving the writer in residence. They use WebCT and videoconferencing to produce a collaborative translation with students of Dutch Studies from other UK universities.

The talk centred around a demonstration of the WebCT course and a discussion of some of the advantages as well as some of the problems encountered throughout the years of running this project.