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Programme for 2010-2011

Psychology students at both ends of the microscope: learning by self experimentation

Daniel Richardson - Cognitive, Perceptual and Brain Sciences


Like many new lecturers, when Daniel arrived at UCL two years ago he was given a large (120 students) first year class to teach. Instead of being daunted by this and playing safe, he took a radical new approach to teaching the course. He introduced different topics through live experiments with the students 'at both ends of the microscope' - as both experimenter and subject, using mobile phones and voting handsets to collect some of the data. The data analysis and discussion started in class but continued online afterwards. Ahead of each class Daniel had made all of his lecture content available via podcasts and blogs, freeing students to think and argue in the face-to-face sessions. The feedback from the students has been outstanding, and Daniel's work has been recognised through a Provost's Teaching Award. Come and find out more about this intriguing approach.

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