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Programme for 2010-2011

Note all sessions will take place from 1.05pm - 1.55pm in Cruciform Lecture Theatre 2.

Digital stories, teaching students and public engagement: Three points on a virtuous circle

Dr Dominic Furniss and Dr Rachel Benedyk - UCL Interaction Centre (UCLIC)

Students are commonly taught different methods for communicating problems, results and ideas. Traditionally this has been through writing reports, doing presentations and designing posters. Each of these has their nuances but also share some common fundamental considerations for successful communication. In recent work we have become excited about the potential for ‘digital stories’, which at a basic level are a series of still photographs with narration over the top that tells a story. This provides a different method of communication that is creative, fun, and engaging with the potential for reaching a large and broad audience very quickly. The challenge of creating a good, coherent, engaging and meaningful digital story should not be underestimated.
In this talk we describe a successful exercise that introduced our MSc students to ‘digital stories’. This three-day activity worked really well for bringing our multidisciplinary students together in their first week at UCL. It provided them with a fun learning activity, and which led to public engagement success. The winning group’s digital story, “Why Buttons Go Bad,” was shown on UCLTV on World Usability Day 2010 and has received over 2000 views to date. We will show this and show lower quality stories of our own to manage expectations.
We recognise the digital story technique, teaching students communication skills, team working and doing public engagement as points on a virtuous circle. We will outline the structure of the exercise, the tools needed for delivery, and the benefit we see for staff and students.

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