UCL Teaching and Learning Network (TLN)

Programme for 2010-2011

Understanding the web behaviour of the Google Generation

Ian Rowlands - Department of Information Studies

Move course online

Ian will talk about an online experiment run by Ian and colleagues from the Department of Information Studies in partnership with the BBC to examine web searching behaviour - dividing us up into different web animals based on the relative importance that we attach to rank position, information content, and internet brand when when make our first click. They  also explored media multitasking and working memory and whether these influence search performance. This work builds on a previous study on the Google generation which found evidence of a worrying lack of information literacy among todays' teenagers.   (http://www.bbc.co.uk/labuk/experiments/webbehaviour/).

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We hope to host some TLN events at UCL venues away from the main campus this year.  Details will be posted here and on the TLN Moodle pages.