Origins: Think Universe!

The importance of science in modern culture




The Universe has been developing from a simple and still mysterious origin, to the complexity and diversity around us today. In this lecture we follow the cosmic time line and explore a metaphorical cosmic forest where vast numbers of trees of diversity accidentally grow and vanish.

We learn how humankind has just emerged as a tiny twig near the top of the most recent tree and realise the vital importance of a single human family, living in harmony within itself and with the fragile paradise that we call planet Earth.

 This lecture contains fundamental concepts of cosmology, particle physics, nuclear fusion, atomic structure, star and planet formation, complex molecules, life, global extinctions and origin of humankind, all linked to the environment and the long-term survival of the human species.


Magnetic balls simulate protons and neutrons and come together to model atomic nuclei.



 This lecture promotes critical thinking, discussion and debate resulting in a high degree of engagement. There are cross curricular links embracing all natural sciences, mathematics, literacy, poetry, history, philosophy, religion, art and so forth.

 The lecture requires an auditorium with a large screen and a stage at least 10m wide for the time line demonstration.




Detail of the Time line of the Universe interpreted by Sam O'Connor (8 yrs old) after visiting Your Universe Festival. Note the correct order of events an the details about the formation of the solar system and the moon, emergence of primitive and complex life on Earth, etc..

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