Think Universe! All is one

Nature is us




 In this lecture we explore the natural landscapes revealed by modern science. Wonderful landscapes showing the basic nature of everything around us, an amazingly complex Universe that develops from a very simple beginning out of a handful of tiny building blocks.

 We will assemble the longest time line possible marking the positions of fundamental milestones, such as the formation of chemical elements and paradise environments where chemistry becomes life. We will see how the diversity of living structures could populate a vast number of possible trees of life, one of which has accidentally developed a little twig in the top branches, where we find ourselves amongst the  other apes.

 How unique is our paradise Earth?

 Could there be similar trees of life elsewhere in the Universe?

 What is our long term future as a thinking species?

We keep asking these and other questions, not realising that the journey towards understanding depends on the way we behave to one another and our interaction with this fragile environment that we call home.

Magnetic balls simulate protons and neutrons and come together to model atomic nuclei.



 This family lecture promotes critical thinking and later discussion and debate resulting in a high degree of engagement.There are cross curricular links embracing all natural sciences, mathematics, literacy, poetry, history, philosophy, religion, art and so forth.

 The lecture requires an auditorium with a large screen and a stage at least 10m wide for the time line demonstration.




Detail of the Time line of the Universe interpreted by Sam O'Connor (8 yrs old) after visiting Your Universe Festival. Note the correct order of events an the details about the formation of the solar system and the moon, emergence of primitive and complex life on Earth, etc..

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