Captain.... it's a Ghost Universe everywhere!


Ghost Sky

Everything that we have always admired, our landscapes on Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the planets, the wonderful night sky with the majestic milky way and the vast number of galaxies seen through powerful telescopes, represent only about 4% of the entire Universe. The rest seems like an invisible, transparent ghost! How could we come to this conclusion? In this lecture we examine the visible Universe before dealing with the mysterious existence of exotic forms of matter and energy that have become the target of ambitious international projects, like the Large Hadron Collider and the Dark Energy Survey. The relevance of this research has just been acknowledged by awarding the 2011 Physics Nobel Prize to the astronomers that found evidence for most of the Ghost Universe.

The lecture is usually followed by an open discussion/debate in the theatre or in a separate room with a smaller group. It could also take the shape of a café scientifique discussion.

Duration and Age group

The lecture lasts for about 55 minutes and it is aimed at audiences above 14yrs old.  

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