Aliens! . . . Where are you?

Alien galaxy


From ancient beliefs that the Earth was a unique world made by God for humankind to be at the centre of the Universe, to the amazing insights and discoveries that bravely challenged those misconceptions, in this lecture we explore the fascinating theme of life in a Universe in constant change and development, from its very simple and remote origin. What is life and how could it develop on paradise Earth to the high level of diversity and complexity that we see today? Did it all happen just by chance? Recent astronomical observations indicate that there may be millions of solar systems in our galaxy, where life could develop in similar ways. Should we find alien intelligence virtually everywhere?

Main topics

From one to millions of worlds. Formation of stars and solar systems in the Universe, origin of our solar system. Formation of the moon and the oceans, origin of primitive life, influence of the moon, dynamic earth, interior of the earth, magnetic fields and plate tectonics. Interaction between life and the earth. Cataclysmic extinctions of life. Possibility of alien life in the solar system and millions of others.

Duration and Age group

The lecture takes about 50 minutes and it is usually followed by a lively discussion. It is aimed at audiences above 12 years old.

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