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  1. Martine Says:

    I am a primary school teacher and I have asked Dr Diego to come and give several lectures to my class of Year 5 pupils while they were learning about the Solar system for their science topic. The material presented was of the highest quality and pitched exactly at the right level for the age and experience of the children. The lectures (about the formation of stars and the origin of the Universe) were very inspirational and delivered with such a degree of passion that the children were still talking about them long after they had finished working on the topic and moved on to a new one.

  2. January O’Donnell Says:

    I am a teacher of special needs students at secondary level. My class visited the observatory in Mill Hill, where Dr Diego showed us around and delivered a lecture. My students are all on the autistic spectrum and I was impressed with Dr Diego’s delivery of material. The visual images were excellent and he provided simple but clear explanations that the students could understand. He also provided supplementary material that I could use back in the classroom to reinforce the learning. This was greatly appreciated. My students all thoroughly enjoyed the visit and hopefully some will return with thier families in the evening!

  3. Poinsy Says:

    Thank you for very much for a wonderful and enriching lecture on “Your Universe” last 25th March. Dr. Diego is a very passionate lecturer who inspires the children to search for more.The children were very excited and went on their way to do more research on what they’ve learned once we’ve arrived back in school.
    Here are comments two children would like to share:
    Allegra: I really enjoyed this trip, it was very interesting. The bit I liked the best was either the super long white telescope or the lecture. This has been my favourite trip so far and I hope we can visit the observatory again.
    Elias: I thought the trip was very interesting and well done. Dr. Francisco Diego is a very interesting and informative person to talk to.

  4. Sarah Says:

    I am a primary school teacher and Science coordinator at my school, i asked Dr Francisco to come in during Science week and deliver a lecture. He was very prepared with a detailed slideshow. The children loved seeing all of the pictures and learning new things about the different planets. The staff also found the lecture very interesting and Dr Francisco gave them some time to speak to him after the presentation which was greatly aprreciated. We will be looking into visiting the observatory later in the term.

  5. Jorge Escoto Says:

    Estimado Francisco,

    Acabo de ver en BBC-mundo su video sobre las fotografiás tomadas por del telescopio espacial Hobble, ! Me encanto!!

    Comparto con usted el sentimiento.
    Es una mezcla de ternura, bondad, amor.. que fluyen fuera de mi ser al apreciar que tan microscópicos somos los seres humanos en esta inmensidad que es el universo.

  6. David Spink Says:

    I attended the lecture on Alien Life in the Universe this evening at my old school.
    Dr.Diego covered the subject in great detail, some of which I had a knowledge of, but most of which was new and very engaging.
    As a relative newcomer to astronomy, the information given helped to reinforce some of the processes of the early solar system formation, and went on to record the escalation of life forms, from simple to highly developed.
    The slides and videos were also very interesting. I would recommend his lecture.

  7. Tom MacLennan Says:

    Dr Diego was gracious enough to come and deliver two lectures at my secondary school on the 26th of April 2010. The first, “In the Beginning” was delivered to our interested astronomy students and a second lecture “Life in the Universe: Could Darwin work on the worlds of Galileo” was shown to staff, parents and the public in the evening.

    Both lectures were brilliantly presented, extremely interesting and well received; indeed a profound illustration of this would be that a senior member of the school hit the curb on the way home because she was thinking about the lecture!

    I would like to thank Dr Diego and look forward to future lectures.

  8. Nick Hyde Says:

    I took 12 students to hear a presentation by Dr Diego at the Royal Liberty School and was really impressed with his passion and knowledge. He presented well and I would be really interested in inviting him to speak again to our Y10 Astronomy GCSE Students.

  9. Mark Stewart Says:

    Dear Dr Diego

    Rainbows from the Stars: Colourful bridges to the secrets of the Universe -a Spectroscopy demonstration lecture – Friday 21 May

    My son and I attended your talk last Friday evening at UCL and I am writing to say how much we enjoyed this.

    Your talk was motivational and inspiring and we book look forward to another chance to participate in one of your lectures in the near future.

    Interestingly we were talking about why rainbows bend before the lecture began and Alex gave me a good explanation!

    Many thanks and kind regards.

    Mark and Alex Stewart

  10. Sergio Granados Palma Says:

    Dr Francisco Diego.

    Que tal Dr, le escribo de México he conocido un poco acerca de su trayectoria y permitame decirle que pocas personas me han despertado una admiración tan grande como usted, soy Médico Veterinario pero me parece muy interesante la Astronomia, es como una ventana a la mágia de nuestra existencia, soy fiel escucha del programa radiofónico de Enrique Gánem, por lo que estoy al tanto de tantas aportaciones que hacen ustedes con su trabajo, con respecto al video de los 20 años del telescopio Hubble efectivamente el adjetivo “filosófica” es el más adecuado para esa imagen, es tal la percepción de lo que han conseguido que se antoja temeroso, da miedo pues nos confronta a nuetra posición tan pequeña y a la vez tan especial en el universo. Realmente son sobrecogedoras las imágenes. No creo que exista alguien que vea esas fotos y no se estremesca de emoción. Felicidades por poner en alto el nombre de México. Nuestro pais pasa por una crisis social y necesitamos de verdaderos héros como usted.

    Quedo a sus órdenes
    MVZ Sergio Granados Palma

  11. Pauline Haycock Says:

    QM2 Lectures – November 2010

    Thank you so much for your inspirational lectures. They were delivered with veuve and insight both of the subject and the audience pitch. The facts, the theories and the imagination towards the still unknown enabled me to glimpse the infinite in relation to self awareness.

    How I would love to have held the rock.

    Congratulations and thank you once again.

    Pauline Haycock

  12. Mirza Rashid Says:

    Dear Diego,
    We attended your lecture on the 12th of sept.2011:Playing God-ASSEMBLE THE UNIVERSE FROM PARTICLES,GLUES,SIMPLE RULES AND ENDLESS PATIENCE.
    What a beautiful lecture!The love and passion for the subject were truly inspiring.All the family enjoyed it.Your observations on space/time were very helpful in making me understand a bit more about our universe.Thanks for lecture!
    Mirza Rashid

  13. Andrew Planet Says:

    Dear Francisco

    Thank you all there at UCL for affording those three interrelated lectures I was able to attend. I am still in the process on finishing that piece I’d been writing which I mentioned to you, on the origins and the future of the Universe. I’ll send it to you and post it here once I’ve completed it, its not too long.

    The mind of the Universe is a subject that greatly entertained me in my teens so I’m enthralled that you have created a webpage with that as it’s theme. i reduced it then to the following. I, a thinking life
    form, am part of the Universe. Therefore I am the Universe aware of itself making me (or any other exo-biological intelligence) the living mind of the Universe. Pantheistically, if interested in assimilating those inclined to use religious jargon, I could equally say I am the living mind of God and that the Universe can only become aware of itself by evolving to life.

    Looking forward to any events you organise for National Science week. I’ve been browsing the Web and found quite a number organised for London but not any by UCL yet


    Andrew Planet

  14. Lindsay S Adair Says:

    Dear Dr Diego I attended your lectures (In the Beginning, What the Stars Have Done for Us & Aliens! Where are you) also live planetarium shows on Cunard Liner RMS Queen Mary 2 during Nov 2011. I found them to be most informative and pitched at the right level for a lay audience. You are a superb talker and your passionate method of delivery was exceptional, I also attended your live star gazing sessions with your telescope on the upper deck of the ship. Despite the movement of the ship the views through the telescope of Jupiter, The Great Orion Nebula & The Pleiades were wonderful despite the very challenging conditions of a moving ship. Once again my sincere thanks for a very thought provoking and educational series of lectures.
    Lindsay S Adair

  15. Alejandro Jiménez (proAstronomía Cuba) Says:

    Estimado Paco, la semilla que ayudaste a sembrar en Cuba, ha seguido fructificando, también gracias a tí. Queremos volver a disfrutar de tu poesía científica y de tu presencia entre nosotros ¿Cuando vas a pensar en compartir un proyecto como este con los astrónomos aficionados y estudiantes cubanos de nuevo?

    Seguimos tu inspiración y tratamos de imitarte, pero no podemos

    Saludos cálidos como el Big Bang, desde La Habana

    Alejandro Jiménez,
    en nombre de ProAstronomía, del Museo Nacional de Historia Natural y de los amigos de la astronomía de la isla…

  16. Hilary Richards Says:

    Francisco, you gave a superb lecture at Cumberland Lodge this weekend on the history of the universe, which staff and students found totally absorbing and I had several comments that it was the best lecture many had ever been to. Many thanks for your time and energy and I look forward to hearing you speak again.

    Best regards,

    Hilary Richards

  17. George Cahill Says:

    Dear Dr Diego
    I attended your lectures on the Queen Mary 2 during Nov 2011. and star gazing sessions with your telescope on the upper deck of the ship. They were a real highlight of the cruise . I feel I learnt so much, you pitched the subject brilliantly since then I have been out buying books and am hunting for a telescope, O and for some reason a green laser pen. I hope in the future I will get the chance to attend more of your lectures.
    Many thanks,
    George Cahill

  18. Salih Kadri Says:

    I was present for a lecture on the ghost universe at Wallington county grammar school. I would like to say what an excellent presentation it was and I highly commend it. Mr Diego gave a very good summing up of this but I would be most delighted, if it gave more focus on particles rather than galaxies. As a student I believe that was the best lecture on particle physics i have been given and be delighted if prof Diego would come to our school for a third time and focus on theoretical particles and objects.

    Thank you for the lecture

    p.s where can you find out more on white holes?

  19. Natalie Wyles Says:

    I have been a member of Crayford Astronomical Society for about five years ad last night heard Francisco’s ”aliens….where are you?” talk. It was truly fabulous! It was fun and informative but had great gravitas also. We had a new member last night and it was truly an excellent first lecture for her. We all spent the tea break talking about the lecture and hurried back. His time line across the room was the best ‘’show and tell” type demonstration I’ve seen in ages. Can’t wait til he comes back next time!

  20. Mike Rushton Says:

    Dr Diego has come to talk to the Crayfod Manor House Astronomical Society on many occasions over the years and talked on a variety of subjects. The talks have always been interesting and very well received. This
    latest one was no exception. His visual aids – a timeline – brought a new perspective to the development of the universe and his subject “Where are the aliens?” His exposition on what used to be a simple Drakes Equation was very good and offered a new perspective for us all.
    Mike Rushton, Secretary Crayford Manor House Astronomical Society and (since you ask for profession) GP.

  21. Rita Whiting Says:

    I heard Francisco’s ‘Aliens … where are you? talk at Crayford on March 08, evening. I particularly liked the image of Bruno displayed whilst his words were read, and also the occasional short silences that allowed time to think.

  22. Simon Dawes Says:

    A great lecture as usual from Dr Francisco Diago, he is a master at bringing complex subjects to life, and the “Aliens…. where are you “ talk was no exception, with a new take on the Drake equation and the Fermi paradox. The props were simple but really helped in the visualisation of the timescales involved. It will certainly be a lecture to remember. Thank you so much for sharing it with the Crayford Manor House Astronomical Society.

  23. Michael McLoughlin Says:

    What an informative and accessible (for non-scientists) lecture at the City of London School last Thursday. The lecture flowed in a very easy and comprehensible fashion. Though the facts were not new – rather the opposite when we were told when the universe started – they were put over in a lucid and enthusiastic way, which made the listening pleasurable. Next time, perhaps, we will all get to know what happened before the Big Bang.

  24. Abi Bevan Says:

    Just a few of the comments we got from the talk:
    “The talk tonight was actually really interesting… am now debating whether I can squeeze in an accelerated Physics A Level next year so i can do Astrophysics as my back up to Medicine!”
    “Clear speaker who managed to cover a lot in a relatively short amount of time”
    “A truely inspiring talk”
    Thanks again for coming!

  25. Adam Ovens Says:

    In January I was pleased to welcome Dr Francisco to our Secondary School in Milton Keynes. He presented to those present a history of the Universe – in only 50 minutes. It was a tall task, but starting with the big bang Dr Diego introduced the forces that led to everything we see today along with the formation of the periodic table and the development of life on Earth.

    Through use of a timeline to represent the development of the Universe I was particularly surprised by the length of time between some developments and the relatively tiny amount of time that human life has existed on Earth.

    Dr Diego was a hugely enthusiastic speaker who drew lots of people out of their warm homes to listen to his lecture (some people even came from Mexico to attend)!

  26. Lou and Nancy Shepard Says:

    We had the absolute pleasure of meeting Francisco recently on the QM2. He gave 6 lectures on the World Voyage segment Singapore-Southampton and after the first lecture we looked forward to the additional 5. Although we have no background in such complicated material–his material provoked many new thoughts and questions with respect to life, life beyond this life, the universe–it goes on and on!!! Although there was much we didn’t quite understand we DID understand enough to follow his discussions and were left with an impressive amount of provocative and new information. He was a delight to meet and we hope someday to see him again!!!!

  27. Marja Goodwin Says:

    Several years ago I was invited to fill an empty bunk on a cruise on the ship Queen Mary II. It was there I stumbled upon a presentation by Dr. Diego. This was the most enjoyable experience and all the incredible information he shared remains like a taste-sampler. I want more!!!! His lecture changed my life and how I have chosen to look at the world around me.
    Can anyone help me find the DVD of that presentation? And how does one go about bringing Dr. Diego to their town???? I want to share him and I want another dose of him!!!!

  28. Gordon Youd Says:

    I watched the program “Seven Ages Of Starlight” on TV and noted what you said with respect of our sun, when it dies and starts growing to swallow everything in its path.
    Mankind has no chance whatsoever to escape extinction.

    The vast space that the sun would expand to, would be further than mankind would be able to travel to.
    That is, if he knew which direction to travel in.

    He could take thousands of years to crawl across the universe. He would not have any way of knowing if he was travelling into a safer area or whether he was going towards another sun about to ………. get my point.

    The vastness of space is against us, its ok to go to the moon, or maybe Mars, but find a safe home…no

    Regards, Gordon.

  29. Liam MacDonald Says:

    Dr Francisco Diego,
    Your “Aliens.. Where are you?” talk at Riddlesdown Collegiate on Thursday 21st March was a very interesting experience that me and many of my peers found extremeley useful to know, thank you for coming as we thoroughly enjoyed it. Your meteorite was quite heavy indeed!

  30. Calum MacDonald Says:

    Dr Franciso Diego,

    Your “Aliens… Where are you?” talk at Riddlesdown Collegiate on March 21st 2013 was amazing! I was taught many brilliant facts on how the universe began and the theories of existence of extraterrestrial life in our galaxy!
    Thank you for coming and letting me hold the ancient meteorite too!

  31. Tony Wheeler Says:

    I went along with my son to listen to your “Aliens..” lecture at Riddlesdown Collegiate last week – and enjoyed its balanced content, i.e. not just Physics and Astronomy, but History too.

    The mathematical assessment of there being other life forms “out there” however put into sharp focus the ultimate end for human kind. It must inevitably die – for once the Earth ceases to be there is no other planet capable of sustaining Man (I refer to your numbers): even if we could de-camp to it on mass anyway!

    Many thanks for an interesting hour and a half.

  32. kat paine Says:

    I am a student at Huish Episcpoi Academy and just been to your lecture on “Aliens.. Where are you?” what a fantastic and inspirational talk, i would love to learn more. You were very engaging and i was blow away by the scale you used to describe how earth as we know it today, i talk on behalf of everyone that was present at that lecture i say a big thank you for coming down :)

  33. John Higginson Says:

    I am an A-level Physics teacher and attended the Astrophysics course at the UCL Observatory (11/6/13). It was a very interesting day and I learnt a great deal about Astrophysics. Professor Diegeo’s presentation was informative and quite inspiring. There were also numerous good ideas for how to present this material to students at different ages.

    I am hoping that Professor Diego will make his excellent PP presentations available for us to use.

  34. John Higginson Says:

    Astrophysics day (6/6/13). An excellent day, very informative with many good ideas of how to present this information to students of different ages.

    I hope that Professor Diego will make his excellent PP presentation available for us to us.

  35. Helen Pearson Says:

    Dear Franscisco,

    Many thanks for the wonderful work you did with the Year 5 and 6 pupils at De Bohun Primary School. The high level thinking and quality of the subject inspired many young minds. I hope they will continue their Science thinking at Secondary school.

    Many thanks
    Helen Pearson

  36. Dev Says:

    Thank you Dr. Diego – for an articulate, balanced view of India’s Mars mission in your interview with the BBC.

  37. Samantha Whiting Says:

    Thank you on behalf of everyone who attended the WCGS Science conference, for your brilliant and engaging lecture on the origins of the universe through to the evolution of complex brains. It was a fascinating and exceptionally well-illustrated journey – the use of the ‘washing line’, images and ‘glue for forces’ analogy was very clever and made the lecture thoroughly accessible to both scientists and non-scientists. The introduction highlighting different cultures beliefs about the origins of the universe was particularly interesting and the historical perspective it provided was very powerful. Thank you and hopefully we will see you again!

  38. Joseph Trafford Says:

    Thank you for the lecture on the origins of life in the universe. It was truly thought provoking and made completely relevant to biology and the complexity and diversity of life. Philosophically and scientifically fascinating, you put into context science as a whole and the miracle that is life. Amazing.

  39. Shamil Says:

    Your lecture tonight, the “Unweaving Star Rainbows”, at the WOLAS Meeting in Harrow was most enlightening. The subject of Spectroscopy has always seemed dry to me (though necessary) so I have never taken the trouble to understand it. You brought life to it and your relaxed style was refreshing. I really enjoyed the broad content that included some historical breakthroughs, past giant scientists, the theory and it’s wonderfully staggering applications in astronomy. Very beautiful – thank you. Hope to hear you again soon, Best wishes. (Operations Manager by profession, enjoy science and a learning enthusiast)

  40. Adele Henderson Says:

    It gave us great pleasure to welcome Dr Diego to our weekly Talking Points lecture last week. The pupils were fascinated by his Aliens… Where are You? lecture and it certainly gave them much to think about and many questions to ask. A fascinating topic covering Physics, Astronomy and History and passionately delivered by Dr Diego. Altogether a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

  41. Kevin Watson Says:

    Dr Diego gave his lecture on Aliens… Where are you? to a packed audience on 1st December at the Royal Masonic School. We were all fascinated by the number of coincidences required to generate life, and surprised by the conclusion that we may be alone in the universe. The lecture was enjoyable and entertaining throughout, and led to stimulated discussion afterwards. Thank you on behalf of everyone who attended this excellent lecture!

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