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Terracota army in forthcoming talks

We keep making efforts to reach a wide and diverse range of audiences. First, because that’s the least we should do in return for the privilege of working on such an extraordinary site. And second, because in these fora we get feedback, questions and suggestions that keep inspiring further work. More...

Published: Sep 14, 2015 10:35:58 AM

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'Imperial Logistics' has two main research aims:
  1. investigating the crafting methods and logistical organisation behind the construction of the Terracotta Army and the broader mausoleum of the First Emperor of China; and
  2. developing novel hypotheses and methods, via artefact-scale metric analysis, materials science and spatial modelling, that may be used as a comparative platform for studying craft specialisation, logistical organisation, cross-craft interactions and strategies of enforced social cohesion in emerging imperial systems.

Given the project’s wider context as an international collaboration centred on a World Heritage site, two important further aims are an improved transfer of specialist knowledge among Western and Chinese scholars, and active engagement and dissemination beyond academic circles.

One of the exceptionally well-preserved bronze lances recovered with the Terracotta Army

Imperial Logistics: The Making of the Terracotta Army
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